Tickets for São Paulo x Flamengo, for the Copa do Brasil

Brazil’s Cup
Sao Paulo vs Flamengo
24/08/2022 (Wednesday), at 21:30 (to be defined)
Morumbi’s stadium


FREE: There is no charge for minors.

Sell ​​online only at

Sales opening dates, with priority:

Diamond Plan (old plans: Tu És o Primeiro and Tu És Grande): 20:00 on 08/19/2022;
Tricolor Plan (old plans: Tu ÉS Forte): 8 am on 08/20/2022;
Plano Preto (old plans: Clube da Fé): 14:00 on 08/20/2022;
Plano Branco (old plans: O Mais Querido and São Paulo Brazil): 8:00 pm on 08/20/2022;
Plano Vermelho (old plans: Vamos, São Paulo and Sou Tricolor): 3h on 07/21/2022.

New Plans – Supporting Member

semi flamingo


Starting at 10 am on 08/21/2022 in
Tickets are sold exclusively through the website There are no ticket sales at the box office.

Sell ​​online only at

North Stand – Popular Sector (Yellow) > BRL 75 / BRL 37.50 ½ entry
South Stand (Orange) > BRL 150 / BRL 75
East Bitso Bleachers (Blue) > BRL 200 / BRL 100 ½
West Stand (Red) > BRL 200 / BRL 100 ½

Sell ​​online only at

North Superior Chair (Yellow) > BRL 330 / BRL 165 ½
Superior Chair South (Orange) > BRL 330 / BRL 165 ½

East Special Chair (Blue) > BRL 530 / BRL 265 ½
West Special Chair (Red) > BRL 530/ BRL 265 ½

Sell ​​online only at

East Bitso Ground Chair (Blue) > BRL 330 / BRL 165 ½
West Ground Chair (Red) > BRL 330 / BRL 165 ½

The purchase must be made directly with the cabins (contacts at the end of this information).

From 20:00 on 08/19 until 21:30 on 08/24 in > BRL 800
Access to the cabin will occur through Gate 5-A, with exclusive early opening.

Starting at 20:00 on 08/19 until 21:30 on 08/23 in > BRL 700

West Guest Stand (Red) > BRL 200 / BRL 100 ½

Sale on 21, 22, 23 and 24/08 in
On the day of the game (24/08), sell at ticket office 5 of Morumbi Stadium (gate 15-A), from 10 am to 10:15 pm (according to availability).

It is mandatory to present the Cadeira Cativa card with the paid semesters and the membership card.

Sell ​​online from 10 am on 08/21 in > BRL 200
Sale at box office 1 from 10 am on 21/08.

Club members:
– August 21, 22 and 23, from 10 am to 5 pm, at the counter in the Social Treasury room.
On match day (24/08): from 10 am to 8:30 pm.

Other owners:
– August 21, 22 and 23, from 10 am to 5 pm, at the ticket office at gate 1.
– On the day of the game (24/08):
East sector captives: from 10 am to 10:15 pm, at the club’s external ticket office.
West sector captives: from 10 am to 10:15 pm, at the ticket office at gate 12.

– August 21, 22 and 23, from 10 am to 5 pm, at the counter in the Social Treasury room.
On the day of the game (24/08), from 10 am to 8:30 pm, at the club’s window.

The presentation of the membership card of both the holder and the dependents is mandatory.

Tickets available to members:

• Camarote Espaço Sócio (exclusive sector for members) > BRL 75
The purchase of 1 ticket is allowed for each member and their dependents.

• Bitso Ground Floor Chair (sector allowed also for non-members) > BRL 165
The purchase of up to 5 tickets per member is allowed. In case of exhaustion of this sector, the West Ground Floor will be offered.


Access through box office 17-B (free of charge – no need to buy a ticket in advance).

Heads up: It is necessary to present the identification document with photo, medical report or benefit card, a copy of the vaccination card contemplating the total vaccination or the RT-PCR test within 48 hours of the date of the game or the Antigen test within 24 hours of the date of the game.

Companion PCD Sector* > BRL 37.50
*The PCD will have the right to buy up to 1 ticket for their companion, as long as this need is provided for in their PCD Card or their Medical Report. Other companions must pay the full amount of the sector, or make use of the right of half-price upon presentation of a supporting document. Tickets are subject to sell-out.


Visa, Master, Elo or Diners credit card.

Fans who purchase tickets through the website must use the credit or debit card used to access the stadium. The purchase confirmation voucher is not valid as a ticket! Vouchers will not be accepted at the stadium access gates. In case of loss or loss of the card, the fan must present the incident report plus the purchase voucher in his name.

One purchase per CPF/card is allowed. Access will be made upon presentation of the card used in the purchase and identification documentation of the half-price beneficiary.

WARNING: the half-price ticket is for personal use and cannot be transferred and can only be purchased and used by the beneficiary of the discount. Exceptions: parents and children, who may purchase tickets for each other, upon presentation of documents proving the degree of kinship. Failure to present documentation to prove the beneficiary will imply the obligation to purchase the half-price supplement at the box office for access to the stadium.

The fan must have a valid ticket (package or individual) for the games of São Paulo against River Plate (17/03/2020), Binacional (05/05/2020), Red Bull Bragantino (21/05/2020) or of the Paulista/Libertadores 2020 Package;

Fans who purchased individual tickets or a package for the Campeonato Paulista and Copa Libertadores games in 2020, which were held behind closed doors due to the pandemic, will be able to express their interest in watching this season’s games.

Tickets must be requested exclusively through the Service Center at

For the game between São Paulo vs Flamengo on 08/24/2022, the application deadline will be between 08/21 and 08/22 (from 10 am to 6 pm).

How to apply for tickets:
Access the website;
Click on the “Service Center” icon;
Click on the “Submit a Request” icon;
Click on the option “Who are you?”;
Click on the option “Use – Tickets 2020” (Fill in the other mandatory fields);


– São Paulo recommends that everyone present follow health protocols such as social distancing and use of gel alcohol.

Check ticket availability

Phone: 11 3476-2146
Instagram: @amanirestaurante

Audio Arena
Phone: 11 99513-1930
Instagram: @audioarenasp

By Koji
Phone: 11 3624-7710
Twitter: @bykojioriginal
Instagram: @bykoji

Tricolor Express Cabin
Instagram: @grimaldi3360
Phone: 12 98113-1110

Santo Manto cabin
Whatsapp: 11 95388-3207
Instagram: @santomantospfc

Cabin Stadium
Phone: 11 2387-3576
Website: or

Choperia No. 1
Phone: 11 3368-2834
Instagram: @choperia.numero1

Steakhouse Breed
Phone: 11 2539-0299
Instagram: @racamorumbi

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