Tickets sold out for Flamengo vs Vélez

Maracanã will host a full house once again in a Flamengo match. The stadium will host the second game against Vélez Sarsfield, for the Copa Libertadores and the match will only take place on the holiday of September 7th. But the Nation has already shown its strength and sold out all tickets well in advance.

What is most impressive is that the tickets were sold out only for the best fan-partner plans. The Diamond and Platinum plans, the most expensive, were mainly responsible for the complete exhaustion. In addition, some Gold plan fans also managed to get tickets, but comments on Twitter suggest they were few.

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That’s because the sale of tickets for the plan in question opened this Saturday morning (20), but the members of the Gold plan had difficulties to buy. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find comments on social media with complaints about the subject.

There are even people who have upgraded their plans to Gold to be able to buy tickets for the Libertadores game more easily. However, that was not what happened and, with the exhaustion in a short time of opening for the Ouro plan, most of these partners were left without tickets. It is worth noting that the sale to the general public would only take place on Thursday (25), but those who are not a fan member will not be able to purchase tickets for the semifinals.

See reports from fans on social media about sold-out tickets for Flamengo vs Vélez Sarsfield:

“My plan opened today for purchase. I’ve been a fan member since 2018. In the pandemic I continued. In the bad phase I was there. And now I am presented with the lack of tickets for the most decisive games”, says Marcley.

“You are a disgrace…how did you run out of tickets of Flamengo x Vélez if it didn’t even open for all members? Do you mean that it only counts who is Diamond and Platinum? A shame,” he asks. Leonardo.

“It seems that Flamengo had an increase in the number of STs today… probably a lot of people made the most expensive plan, which entitles them to 3 or 4 tickets, if I’m not mistaken… to sell. Then those who have the ST for longer, and pay a lower amount, are screwed”, reports Tati.

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