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Vasco announced that six players presented themselves with symptoms of gastroenteritis this Saturday (20), in the re-presentation of the group after the 2-0 defeat to CSA, in Alagoas, last Thursday. The names of the athletes were not released.

– Even with all the apparatus we sent to Maceió, six athletes showed up today with symptoms of gastroenteritis. There are variables: from the most symptomatic to the little symptomatic. But all of them are being treated and have been medicated – said the medical director, Gustavo Caldeira.

Vasco training at CT Moacyr Barbosa — Photo: Daniel Ramalho/Vasco

Check out other updates from this Saturday’s medical bulletin:

Player treats muscle injury in the left thigh suffered after Vasco’s victory over Tombense last Saturday.

– It continues to evolve very well in physiotherapy, going through the phases until reaching the transition with physical preparation.

Treats muscle injury. His last game was on July 23, when he played for 18 minutes against Vila Nova.

– Case a little later. He has already left physiotherapy and started the transition with physical preparation and continues to evolve very well.

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