Vitão’s predictions for the 23rd round of the Brasileirão

Predictions of the 23rd round of the endless Brazilian Championship of pontozzz corridozzz

Atlético-MG 2 x 0 Goias

Galo, who has nothing else to dispute and, therefore, has a minimum obligation to climb the classification to the G-4, is very favorite. Now, football is unpredictable: Goiás has a player sent off and, then, with 10 it becomes more difficult for Cuca’s team, right…

Fluminense 1 x 0 Coritiba

Coritiba is a harmless visitor and is fighting against sticking. Even sharing the spotlight with the Copa do Brasil, it will be a surprise if Tricolor doesn’t pinch three points and provisionally assumes the vice-leadership of the Brasileirão.

Youth 0 x 1 Botafogo

Mathematics still doesn’t know, but Juventude has already fallen. That’s why, even in Caixas, it’s possible for Fogão to get ready and scratch the expression “struggle to stick” from its reality.

Palm trees 0 x 0 Flamengo

The anticipated “final” decides absolutely nothing. As the two teams are far above the others and the current difference is 9, what Flamengo, who will be Brazilian vice-champion, can do is win at Allianz Parque and “stamp” the belt. In fact, the Brasileirão ended last Saturday, at the Neo Química Arena, with the victory of alviverde. And Flamengo is just not fighting head to head because they listened to the perverts for continuity and took 18 centuries to get rid of the very weak Paulo Sousa. Had he done the obvious before, when it was clear it was going nowhere, it would have been a different story.

Red Bull Bragantino 1 x 0 Ceará

As there are no fans and, therefore, vexations do not have repercussions, the goodwill with Bragantino is much greater than in relation to the big ones. But the truth is that the season of the Bragança team is very bad and, not to be a complete disappointment, the least to save the year is to pinch a little mouth in the pre-Libertadores-2023.

Fortaleza 1 x 0 Corinthians

If VP was spared in the Derby (Fagner, Gil and Fábio Santos were on the bench and the last two did not even enter: long live the memory), against the biggest rival, in the duel that could reduce the difference to the leader to 3 points, imagine against Fortaleza, with no real chance of a Brazilian title, before visiting Flu in the Copa do Brasil. Complete and needing to win to leave the Z-4 ​​behind once and for all, the favoritism, in this context, belongs to Fortaleza. Whatever the result, Ricardo Perrone and I, who will not spare ourselves, will command the Corinthians Live at UOL Esporte as soon as the ball stops.

Atlético-GO 1 x 0 Cuiabá

I confess that I’m more interested in the post-game interview to find out if, in Jorginho’s opinion, the Portuguese António Oliveira, Cuiabá’s coach, is nice or rude.

Athletico-PR 1 x 0 America-MG

Hurricane is very favorite. But, much more important than the game, we hope that América-MG fans (whether in the stadium or in restaurants in Curitiba) and professionals from the Minas Gerais press are not intimidated and mistreated at Arena da Baixada.

Santos 1 x 0 Sao Paulo

Thinking about the Copa do Brasil, Tricolor should go very weakened to Vila Belmiro. Whatever happens at San-São, I hope the police do their part and don’t let fans throw bombs on the field or invade the pitch to kick the rival goalkeeper. The bizarre single crowd has already been invented, it will be more complicated and less “friendly”, to use an expression from the STJD, to schedule games with unique teams to prevent athletes from being attacked…

Avai 1 x 1 International

Avaí has ​​managed to score points to stay out of the Z-4, Inter is stronger, but it oscillates too much. Balance.

I’m Vitor Guedes and I have a name to uphold. And care, of course, comes from ZL! It’s us in UOL!


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