Young pays thief to steal boyfriend’s cell phone and find out if he was unfaithful; so it all ended

The story of a young TikTok user resonated among netizens after she revealed a drastic decision to be able to confirm if she was in fact the target of infidelity on the part of her boyfriend.

With mistrust of the companion, according to information from the portal chronicleinstead of questioning him directly, she went further and decided to hire an unusual “service”: the young woman paid a thief to steal her boyfriend’s cell phone.

And after getting the device, @beba.valdezh reviewed it and confirmed what she had strong suspicions: her boyfriend was cheating on her.

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And what happened afterwards?

The young TikTok user explained all the details in her post. See what she said below:

“When I remember that I paid a burglar to steal my boyfriend’s cell phone because I wanted to see if he was cheating on me. I finished reviewing it, started crying and handed it to him [ladrão]. Then, when he sold his cell phone, he called me to give me half the money because he was in fact cheating on me.”he wrote.

And as was to be expected, netizens took the opportunity to share their impressions of the record. Some of the messages left were:

  • “When the thief has more voice than the boyfriend”;
  • “It would be monetary retribution for emotional damage and I don’t think he paid even a quarter of what he owed”;
  • “What a cool burglar vibe”;
  • “The best money invested.
Young pays thief to steal boyfriend's cell phone and find out if he was unfaithful;  so it all ended

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