10 most important news of the week (15/08 to 19/08)

Good Morning! To keep up to date this early Saturday (20th), the TecMundo separated everything that happened this week (August 15th to 19th). In addition to several news about technology and science, the world of entertainment and games were also very busy in the period.

On Monday (15), Google officially released Android 13. On Wednesday (17), we reported that Apple will charge ‘Netflix tax’ to subscribers of streaming services in North American cities. This Friday (19), Microsoft announced that Death Stranding will arrive on Game Pass next week.

This was just an appetizer of everything that rocked! Check out the highlights of the week below. To access each news in its entirety, simply click on the links below.

1. Android 13 is officially released; see who still gets it in 2022. Google officially released Android 13 this Monday (15); with a new look and more security options, update has already been released.

2. USB-C advances to become the global standard in cell phones. The change, which has already been accepted by major markets, has the potential to force Apple to abandon its proprietary Lightning port.

3. Nubank fires an employee for being ‘too senior’ and the case goes viral. A former Nubank employee exposed the bank in a LinkedIn post, after the company announced his resignation because he was ‘too senior’.

4. Is a 4-day working week the future? TecMundo consulted experts, directors and collaborators who work 4 times a week to understand the pros and cons of the system; check out!

5. TikTok: Doctors warn of dangers of the ‘cover your mouth’ trend. Using mouth patches to sleep can be dangerous, experts say.

6. Apple will charge ‘Netflix tax’ to subscribers in US city. The so-called ‘Netflix tax’ was created by the city of Chicago in 2015 and is levied on streaming service subscribers.

7. iFood makes an agreement with the police to release couriers in blitz. The agreement signed between iFood and the security secretariats of some states seeks to avoid delays in deliveries.

8. HBO Max will remove more than 30 series from the catalog; check out! This will be the second wave of HBO Max productions that will be removed because of the service’s merger with Discovery+; Look!

9. Death Stranding comes to Xbox Game Pass for PC on August 23rd. Hideo Kojima’s game, initially released for PlayStation consoles, will only be available on the desktop version of the Xbox service.

10. Can sudden changes in temperature really make us sick? There is a correlation, but it’s not because of the cold you got.

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