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Sometimes scenes in a movie become so iconic that they surpass and outlive the movies themselves. Some scenes in particular become so memorable and unique that other TV shows and movies pay homage to this memorable moment. But paying tribute is not a simplistic task. It requires a balance between sticking to a format or going off course.

Scene imitation is a general division concept. It can be perceived as recycling authentic material and a lack of creativity, but many see it as a way to remind a new generation of a classic movie moment. Some recreations follow the original model, while others put a new spin on a vintage design.

Psycho shower scene

Marion Crane screaming in the shower scene in Psycho.

Alfred Hitchcock always took great measures for the best shot. With 78 settings and 52 cuts, the infamous shower murder in Psycho would completely change the cinematic game.

While this groundbreaking horror scene has been faked in many productions, there are two instances that stand out in Hitchcock’s universe. Gus Van Sant’s outraged 1998 remake of Psycho was shot in color over black and white, adding to the gore factor. Almost twenty years later, Bates Motela modernized prequel revolving around young Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore), would see Marion Crane (played by singer Rihanna) come out of the shower alive.

Flashdance Water Scene

She was just a steel city girl on a Saturday night looking for the fight of her life…or in the case of aspiring dancer Alex Owens (Jennifer Beals), some water. flashdance is an epic dance film with a strong female lead. And aside from the ending, the most memorable scene is when Alex is doused by a mini waterfall on stage.

Eddie Murphy’s 2007 Comedy Norbitalong with beloved children’s franchises Shrek and My little Pony, parodied the scene. In the advertising world, water has been replaced by laundry for a 2021 P&G Gain commercial starring The office fan favorite Craig Robinson.

Say Anything speaker scene

John Cusack holding the boom box

The classic teen movie Say anything it still stands today as a coming of age tale and a quintessential love story. Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) set the romantic stage for future generations by holding a boom box outside Diane Court (Ione Skye)’s window, playing Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes,” the song that defined their relationship.

One night at RoxburyHaddaway’s tribute is one of the most memorable, using “What Is Love?” by Haddaway on Gabriel’s music. In 21st century media, the boombox has been replaced by modern technology. Nonetheless, deadpool 2 would see everyone’s favorite antihero in a boombox phone case, playing the original bop.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Train Finale

Simran & Raj smiling at the train station in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

1995 Diwale Dulhania Le Jayenge it was a turning point on the path of international cinema. 27 years after release, it’s one of the longest films of all time. The evergreen romance is defined by its final scene, with Simran (Kajol) following his heart and chasing after Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) as he reaches out for her to catch the moving train.

This scene has been reshot several times, which includes another star from 2013’s Shah Rukh Khan Chennai Express. Danny Boyle’s 2008 Oscar Winner millionaire slumdog would also pay homage in a flashback scene.

dirty dance elevator

Dirty Dancing original movie jennifer gray patrick swayze

Equal to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Dirty dance is also defined by its ending. Baby (Jennifer Grey) finally blossoms as a dancer alongside Johnny (Patrick Swayze), completing her routine with a majestic elevator. The Oscar-winning song “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes set the scene perfectly.

One of the most beloved recreations would be between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in 2011 Crazy, Stupid, Love. Recently, dancing with the stars pro Derek Hough and Tik Tok star Charli D’Amelio performed the entire routine for Hough’s Step Into… The Movies ABC Special.

Duck Soup Mirror Scene

Rufus looking in the mirror at Duck Soup.

The Marx Brothers were a comic family ahead of their time. In their creative endeavors, they were not always appreciated for their off-brand humor. Little did they know that the hilarious 1933 mirror scene duck soup would become a defining moment in cinematic history.

Having been transported to 1939 Berlin, Stewie Griffin and Adolf Hitler satirized the scene in season seven. Family man episode “Road to Germany”. 2014 Most Wanted Muppets had Kermit the Frog directing the sequel alongside his evil doppelgänger/twin Constantine.

Titanic “I’m Flying” Scene

Titanic Jack Rose Film

James Cameron’s epic novel Titanic It is one of the highest grossing films of all time. The film was successful with the protagonists Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, with so much success attributed to

their stellar performances and sizzling chemistry. One scene that is a fan favorite is when Jack (DiCaprio) and Rose (Winslet) are on the bow of the ship at sunset, sharing their first kiss.

Leonardo DiCaprio mocked scene with Jonah Hill for the last 2014 Saturday night live open and cold monologue. Kate Winslet would also be replaced by OwlKitty, a feline content creator, for a series of Titanic parodies.

Potter’s Wheel Scene in Ghost

Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze making pottery in Ghost.

90s supernatural romance Ghost would give birth to a scene that was tastefully erotic for the time. Molly (Demi Moore) and Sam (Patrick Swayze) share an incredibly intimate moment on their potter’s wheel, with The Righteous Brothers’ version of “Unchained Melody.” The combination of a shirtless man and wet clay was cinematic dynamite.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake parodied the scene for a part of their Evolution of Dance series “Evolution of End Zone Dancing”. HBOMax teen drama Euphoria would also recently recreate the scene for the season two episode “You who cannot see, think of those who can.”

Katz Delicatessen scene from when Harry met Sally

Sally faking her orgasm

Rob Reiner and Nora Ephron When Harry met Sally… challenged gender norms and stereotypes. The myth of faking orgasms was confirmed in Meg Ryan’s hilarious Katz Deli scene, which was completed by Estelle Reiner’s line, “I’m going to have what she’s having.” Little did anyone know that this would become one of the most quoted quotes of all time.

2006 parody film movie date included the line among its numerous rom-com references. Drew Barrymore would fake the scene (as well as many others) for the fall 2021 premiere of his CBS daytime talk show, Drew.

Risky business dance scene

Tom Cruise's Risky Business

Tom Cruise cemented his eternal star status when he glided across the screen swaying to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock n Roll” in 1983 risky business. Joel (Cruise) is left on his own after his parents go on vacation. He enjoys the solitude by dancing across the room.

Characters like Niles de The baby sitter and Adam Goldberg from The Goldbergs would valiantly emulate Joel’s dance. It was even the focus of a band hero campaign starring Travis Barker of blink-182, Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and pop princess Taylor Swift.

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