After fiasco, Clube do Remo leaves four more players

The layoffs at Clube do Remo only increase and, after Brenner, Bruno Alves, Celsinho, Ricardo Luz, Marco Antônio, Pablo Roberto, Soares, Erick Flores and Jean Patrick left Baenão, now it’s the turn of defenders Marlon and Daniel Felipe, midfielder Marciel and midfielder Anderson Paraíba. All agreed to their terminations and left in common agreement.

The information was confirmed by a source in the report. With the new layoffs, the Azulinos now add up to 13 players who leave the squad, after their early elimination in the first phase of Série C do Brasileiro. Gathering the pieces, the blue board studies the renewal with some playersbut the priority is still to reach agreement and terminate most contracts.

Only goalkeeper Vinícius, right-back Rony, midfielders Pingo and Paulinho Curuá, striker Ronald and athletes from the youth categories have a link with Filho da Glória and do Triunfo for the next season. Leão Azul remains without a calendar until the end of the year and the realization of the Green Cup is uncertain. Fábio Bentes does not believe in the 2022 edition.

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