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American Jeremy Lee Pauley, 40, was arrested in Pennsylvania, USA, after allegedly trying to buy human remains stolen from a woman on Facebook.

The suspect reportedly paid US$4,000 for parts of Candace Scott’s corpse. According to police, the organs were from a morgue that had a partnership with the University of Arkansas.

The human remains, however, included half a head, a full head, three brains, a heart, a liver, a lung, two kidneys, a female pelvis, a torso with nipple, and four hands.

The man is known to acquire various bones and teeth which he restores and resells at his shop, The Grand Wunderkammer, which sells ‘weird and unusual’ items to the public and with museum exhibits. Some of Pauley’s purchases for the site included “antiques” from the pelvis and “very old” children’s skulls.

The seller was prepared to receive the shipment that was supposed to be from Candace in Pennsylvania, but police intercepted the remains while they were in transit.

An investigation into the case began on June 14, when police received a tip about suspicious activity of the American and his collections. Last Thursday (19), the arrest took place, but the man was released on bail of US$ 50,000 (R$ 259,400).

Officers were stunned by the discovery, and the Cumberland District Attorney said it was the most bizarre investigation he had encountered in his 33 years in the profession. “Just when I think I’ve seen it all, a case like this comes to light,” he said.

The person who called police said that “several” buckets of human remains were found in Pauley’s basement. Later, the researchers recovered these contents, which included human brains, hearts, livers, skin and lungs.

A spokeswoman for the University of Arkansas said the remains sold to Pauley were donated to the school’s medical sciences section, but were later stolen from the morgue by an employee. thought can happen,” he said.

The bone enthusiast’s bizarre collections have earned him nearly 6,000 followers on Facebook, who are now wondering what will become of The Grand Wunderkammer’s owner.

A fan of the seller wrote on social media: “Calm down, you have a bigger army of supporters than you think my friend.” Others commented that they “still love and support” Pauley and “appreciate everything” he does for the “oddities community”.

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