Dog happily plays with dolphin and charming video hits the internet

Journalist Ibon Perez, who lives in Lequeitio, Spain, shared in his twitter profile on the 17th of August, a simple moment. A dog at the sight of a dolphin jumps into the water to join him. The joy of the two playing infected everyone who watched the show.

According to Ibon, the fact happened in the village of Ribeira do Freixo, in Galicia, Spain. The place is very popular with tourists, as it is located on the coast of the country. Apparently, the video was not recorded by him. For it is possible to hear the voice of a woman in the recording. However, the journalist used the footage in order to share the cuteness moment. And also to show how animals know how to share good times.

“A dolphin and a dog share a good time of joy playing… Another Love Lesson from Mother Nature,” he wrote in the post’s description.

In the scene, there is a group of tourists enjoying the dolphin swimming. Most of the visitors there are children who have fun watching the movements of the marine animal. The dog is accompanying the children. But he loses interest in the little ones and also starts watching the dolphin’s beauty.

For a moment the dolphin’s nose touches the dog’s nose. And that’s when the dog is interested in getting into the water. He walks a few meters on solid ground, following the animal’s swim until he jumps.

When jumping, none of them showed fear. On the contrary. They spent long minutes playing together in the water, until the dog decided to leave. An adult who I believe is responsible for the gang filmed the moment and was thrilled with the interaction of the two species.

Despite the cuteness of the scene, it is not recommended for humans to interact with wild dolphins. According to Dolphin Plus, a dolphin sanctuary located in Florida, United States, the right thing is not to feed or chase dolphins. Never touch or pet them, even if they get close enough to do so.

Try to be as quiet as possible when you are around them. And if you see them in the wild, it is best to observe them from 50 meters or more away. These measures prevent ‘interruption of behavioral patterns’. Keeping them safe without disturbing their behavior or eating habits.

The publication went viral and received more than 517,000 views, 14,000 reactions and hundreds of comments, finding the harmony between the two amusing.

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