First Impressions | Under Pressure – Season 5 Focuses on the Mental Health of Health Professionals

It is no exaggeration to say that ‘Under pressure‘ is part of the select group of brazilian series most successful in national territory of all time. In six years, the production has already threatened to end twice, however, the public success is so great, that it ends up coming back – for the happiness of us, spectators. After a special season named ‘Covid duty‘, which closely followed the challenges faced by health professionals in the treatment and combat of the new corona virus that is ravaging the planet (at the same time that reality faced the same health risk) and of trying to take its protagonists to the interior of the amazon to show the reality of riverside medicine, the fifth and new season of ‘Under pressure‘ just arrived at Globoplayand the first two episodes will be shown tonight on the open network of Globe after the novel ‘wetland‘.

Dr. Evandro (Júlio Andrade) and Dr. Carolina (Marjorie Estiano) try to live life normally with the couple’s son, whose mother is Diana (Ana Flavia Cavalcanti), the doctor’s ex-girlfriend. However, an explosion at a fireworks factory forces the two to abandon the family afternoon and rush back to the hospital to treat dozens of patients who arrive with all kinds of burns and injuries, especially the twin brothers. (Lázaro Ramos). About that, Dr. decius (Bruno Garcia) receives word that her boyfriend has won a scholarship to England, and is swayed about going with him or remaining in charge of the hospital. Everything indicates that the emotional overload that has been demanding all their energy lately has come this year to take its toll, and the medical team will have to make important decisions in the name of their own well-being.

With two episodes available every week for six weeks on Globoplaytotaling 12, and still without a premiere date on open TV, the new season of ‘Under pressure‘ shifts the axis of the narrative that had been focused on diseases and gambiarras of the Dr. Evandro to circumvent the lack of resources in Brazilian public health and show that the pressure is now on the emotional, mental health of the doctors and nurses of the Edith Magalhães Fraenkel Hospital team (by the way, it is worth mentioning: it is a fictitious place, recorded in the city center , and pays tribute to this great nurse who contributed immensely to the health of Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of the 20th century). Thus, the roadmap of the Lucas Paraizo brings new personal dramas that force its characters to make choices, which causes dynamism in the series, whose new seasons are not yet confirmed, but which in this one already carries the baton to a new narrative core.

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the entry of Marco Nanini the plot delves into the drama of intellectual illnesses and how it affects the patient’s family – an extremely sensitive hit by the director Andrucha Waddington in bringing the matter into open public debate. We really need to talk openly about Alzheimer’s. The special participation of Leonardo Bittencourt how an intolerable Mauritian resident helps to illustrate how there are also many students who want nothing to do with Medicine, willing to do the least, and how this affects the collective in an emergency hospital.

The new and perhaps final season of ‘Under pressure‘ continues to capture the viewer’s tension and attention. Far from wearing out, characters and stories are renewed with everyday reality, providing a great service on the challenges of Brazilian public health. Another season well done!

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