He failed at Inter and was fired in Mexico after humiliation

Diego Aguirre was Inter coach in 2021, despite a positive start, the coach ended up leaving something to be desired at the end of the Brasileirão. Therefore, the Colorado administration opted for his departure.

However, the coach thought he had done well, because he managed to take over Cruz Azul from Mexico. However, the coach ended up not lasting long in the Mexican team.

After a 7-0 rout suffered on Saturday (20), the coach was fired by the Mexican team. The game was valid for the 10th round of the 2022 Opening.

To make matters worse, Aguirre’s assistant, Juan Verzeri, when asked about the dismissal, said he didn’t know anything about it.

“It is a moment of great sporting shame. It is a time of adversity, of redoubling efforts. I think we are not alone in this, there are two parties that have to take this attitude, players and coaching staff”, said Verzeri.

The technical commission was only notified of the dismissal after the press conference, which made the situation even more embarrassing. In Brazil, when they fire a coach, they don’t give a press conference to avoid this kind of embarrassing situation.

But in Mexico it seems that they don’t have that kind of tact to avoid this kind of situation.

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