Here’s how to hide your banking app

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Recently, some reports of smartphone theft have been making thousands of netizens very worried. This is because the victims pointed to the danger in keeping the bank apps on these devices, as this can be a window for criminals to steal some information and carry out transfers, purchases and withdrawals.

Because of this, cybersecurity experts recommend even hide bank app, which can save a lot of headache. See below how this is possible!

How to hide the bank app


Unfortunately, it is not possible to hide apps on iOS devices. In this case, experts recommend using a secondary cell phone (that you leave at home) to store these apps. If you don’t have this option, you can still remove apps from the home screen. Thus, it is only allowed to access them from the library, which can deter or delay some criminals.

To do this, just keep your finger pressed on your screen until the icons start to float. Then tap the little dash in the upper left corner of the icon you want to hide. Then a message should appear, where you will have to click on “Remove from home screen”. If you want to make it even more difficult to find it, you can go to your settings and remove it from the search results.

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In the case of Android devices, many of them have the possibility to hide applications from the library. However, it is important to understand that this process may vary according to each device and brand. In general, this option can be accessed in the system search itself.

Just open the settings and tap on the “Home screen”. Then select “hide apps”. With this, you will have access to a list of all installed applications, where you will have to look for the icon of the one you want to hide. If you want to undo this process, just repeat the same step by step and press the app icon again.

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To go straight, just use the Android home screen search and type “Hide apps”. From there, just select the apps you want to hide.

The great advantage is that anyone will only be able to access the hidden applications using the search, and for that, he must know the name beforehand.

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