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If you have a new cell phone costing almost the same as a car, for example, it is not surprising that the used market among telephones has also grown. A kiosk in a mall in Mauá, in Greater São Paulo, is from a store that buys and sells about a thousand used appliances a month, both there and on the internet.

Merchant Eli Carvalho was satisfied with the cell phone she bought for her son: “Looks like zero. It is well maintained. I think it’s worth it,” she says.

The used cell phone market today works with a logic very similar to that of second-hand cars. The focus is on consumers who cannot or do not want to pay that much for a new model. Not to mention that, in Brazil, many people still do not have a smartphone, which is a cell phone with internet access and which costs more.

An international consultancy pointed out that, in 2021, the used cell phone market grew 29% in Latin America, almost double the world average..

The owner of one of the companies that buy and sell second-hand cell phones in Brazil guarantees that the country is one of those responsible for this growth.

“When we started the company, in 2015, the penetration of smartphones used in Brazil was below 2%, and today we believe it is approaching 10%”, says Guillermo Freire, co-founder of Trocafone.

A used cell phone is usually 30% to 50% cheaper than a new one. The IMEI of the device, which is like the identity number of each cell phone, reveals if it was stolen, stolen or if it is regular and can be resold. In a company, they check the IMEI, microphone, camera and some need fixing; almost always new battery or screen. And they are ready for sale, but You have to be careful that the cheap doesn’t come out expensive.

“You need an invoice that is detailed, that shows the serial number of that device, the type, the model and brings all the details about that device. It is important that the person can check, can search, to see if he can see if that IMEI has been blocked by any operator. And the third thing is that people should look for stores that are reputable stores, that have a name, and when shopping on the internet, look for sellers who are sellers who clearly have a provenance”, explains FGV professor Rafael Alcadipani.

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