How to get a personal loan from Vivo up to BRL 50,000

The Vivo Móvel customer has the possibility of taking out a personal loan from Vivo Money. In this way, it is possible to borrow from R$ 500.00 to R$ 50 thousand and pay in 36 months with an interest rate starting from 0.99%.

How does the Vivo Money loan work?

Through the loan simulation in Vivo Money, it is possible to consult values, interest and installments. However, for this you need to be a Vivo Móvel customer.

On the website, enter your phone number and confirm ownership of the line with a code sent via SMS.

After this validation, the customer will see which offer is available to him. Then, he must select the amount he wants to contract, select the due date to pay and the number of installments.

After performing the loan simulation and having received an exclusive proposal, you need to confirm the information.

Thus, at this stage, it is necessary to send a photo of a personal document (RG or CNH) and a selfie.

It is worth mentioning that, if the customer’s registration at Vivo is out of date, a proof of residential address will also be requested.

Therefore, after applying for the loan and sending the documents, an analysis will be carried out to confirm that everything is ok.

In addition, a notification about the status of the loan will be sent via SMS, e-mail or access to the area logged into Vivo Money.

Finally, after analysis, the transfer of money to the customer’s account takes place within 2 business days.

loan simulation

In short, on the Vivo Money website it is possible to simulate the contracting of a personal loan, with a generic rate of 4.91% per month. However, the fee varies according to the customer’s profile.

Therefore, if the contract value of R$ 10 thousand is simulated. Payment installments may be:

  • 3x of BRL 3,497.00
  • 6x of BRL 1,749.00
  • 9x of BRL 1,166.00
  • 12 installments of BRL 874.00
  • 15 installments of BRL 699.00
  • 18 installments of BRL 582.00
  • 21x of BRL 499.00
  • 24x of BRL 437.00

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