People with above average intelligence often use these 6 words

O vocabulary of a person is something very important. We are communicative beings by nature, so the best way to get far, whether socially or professionally, is to expand our social cycles. And we are only able to do that by communicating.

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Therefore, it is important to have a lexicon extensive and diverse. Being constantly nurturing it can be beneficial, as words are communication tools, which make it possible for us to interact in different ways. So there’s no doubt that there are some more ‘fancy’ words that are traditionally used by people who are seen as particularly smart, so why not learn and use them too?


This is often used in books, especially in investigative stories. It means that something is proper and characteristic. Thus, it is synonymous with: typical; particular; specific; inherent; individual; private; Special; intrinsic; odd; singular; single.


This word also appears in fiction frequently and has two meanings. The first of these refers to a person who acts with disrespect. She is naughty and disrespects others for something.

But there is also a second context where the word refers to something that happens very rarely. Many people may not know this second meaning, but it exists and is linked to the “never seen, the unusual or the unusual”.


It brings in its own name part of its meaning, that is, it makes it clear that it is something that goes beyond the real, beyond the understandable. Following this line, the word also refers to the transgression of sensible truth, reason or something that belongs to the domain of dream, absurdity and imagination.


A word that is really far-fetched, so you won’t hear it being said out loud at any time. It refers to something out of the ordinary, out of the ordinary, strange and unique. Still, it can be used for the act of acting without prudence or simultaneously, but it can also mean extravagant.

In general, it is more linked to nonsense content, that is, to things without logic or coherence.


In the penultimate place on the list, we have a term used for something that does not cause physical or material harm, that is not harmful or harmful in a moral, psychological or any other way.

Let’s give you an example of how to use this word: “With the guarantee that any reaction would be innocuous, he agreed to experiment.”


This one is more common to hear from someone if you are in a conducive environment, as the word mainly refers to something that is difficult to get down or up, as well as something that is abrupt, steep, or sheer.

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