Putin’s Guru’s Daughter Dies in Moscow Blast: Russian Media

The explosion of a vehicle on Saturday night in Moscow, the capital of Russia, would have caused the death of Daria Dugina, 29, daughter of Russian thinker and philosopher Alexander Dugin, considered by Western media as one of the president’s main “gurus”. Russian Vladimir Putin.

According to Russian news agency TASS, the explosion took place around 9:30 pm (local time) in the Bolshie Vyazyomy neighborhood of the Moscow region. Witness information and images posted on social media point out that the explosion started in the middle of the road and the vehicle collided with a structure while on fire.

“Daria came to a big discussion event, because ‘Tradition’ is a festival, but not yet in its classic form, it’s a discussion of current trends in cultural, musical, cinematographic, literary terms. I was there myself. The incident happened. when Dasha turned onto Mozhayskoye Shosse Highway, and a detonation occurred near the village of Bolshie Vyazyomy. The car immediately caught fire, was completely engulfed in flames and she lost control,” said Andrei Krasnov, an acquaintance of Daria and head of the Russian public movement. horizon.

According to Andrei, the car Daria was in belonged to her father. The victim would have used her father’s vehicle at the last minute, as she was not used to using it.

“This is her father’s car. Dasha drives a different car, but she drove his car today, and Alexander Dugin drove a different vehicle. He came back, he was at the scene of the tragedy. As I understand it, the target was Alexander Dugin directly, or maybe both,” he noted.

According to Russian violinist Pyotr Lundstrem, in a report on his Telegram channel, Dugin was supposed to have left the event in the same car as his daughter, but changed vehicles at the last minute.

Reports and videos show Dugin at the crash site, still at night, apparently in shock (see below).

Despite the media claiming that Daria was driving the vehicle, a genetic test is needed to determine the body’s identification, as emergency services indicated that the corpse would have been unrecognizable. Investigators do not know the cause of the explosion, but suspect that a homemade device may have been used.

Who is Daria?

Daria Dugina was born on December 15, 1992. In 2015, she completed her postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University. She led the “Platonova | Z” telegram channel, in which she spoke about European politics, and even supported the war in Ukraine, considered by Russia as a “military operation”. Dugina also worked as a political columnist for the Eurasian Movement International, founded by her father, according to Russian media RTVI.

In July, she was added to the UK sanctions list for the conflict. The British Foreign Office said Daria was “a frequent and well-known author of misinformation about Ukraine on various online platforms”.

Dugin defends the ideology of Eurasianism, opposes the West and advocates the creation of a “superpower” from the junction of Russia and other former Soviet republics.

According to the newspaper O Globo, CBS even called him “the far-right theorist behind Putin’s plan” and the Washington Post said that Dugin is a “mystical far-right writer who helped shape Putin’s vision. about Russia”.

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