Remote control: as a cell phone you can now control your car from a distance – 08/21/2022

The relationship between cars and cell phones started with bluetooth, moved on to mirroring and reached dedicated apps. The revolution has more than 20 years of history, but it has become even more intimate in the connection between smartphone and car. It’s like many apps of all kinds: you don’t even need to be close to relate. UOL Cars talked to experts to say what the main functions are.

Previously restricted to premium cars, the technology for operating car functions via smartphone has now become widespread among market-leading compacts, such as the Hyundai HB20 and Chevrolet Onix. Both have apps for Android and iPhone and communicate with the manufacturers’ own centers. Added to this, they also usually operate with smartwatches.

“It is a trend that will not go back and will become more and more common. This was common in high-end cars, such as BMW, and is becoming common in popular ones, such as Hyundai and Chevrolet. If you look at the functions , they are starting to gain more value. Before it was just locking or unlocking the car, turning on the headlights and other not-so-notable features. Now they include something else, like monitoring the car and getting an alert if someone tampers with it”, says Rudolf Bühler, Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department at FEI.

Let’s look at the best sellers. Hyundai Bluelink brings features such as unlocking the car from a distance, turning on the lights, seeing where the vehicle is on a map and, in the case of models that have automatic air conditioning, it is possible to choose the exact temperature, thus cooling or heating even before of you to enter. The HB20s that have conventional air also turn on the climate control, but without allowing the cooling to be different from the one chosen previously.

In the case of Crete, the service is more complete thanks to the car’s level of electronics. For example, you can choose the desired route on your cell phone and it will project on the multimedia center when you start the car.

“What we noticed is that the adhesion is very high. In the case of Bluelink, a large portion of consumers have the technology available. The service is free and you can use it or not. More than 95% of the owners use it”, says Flavio Cuareli , Senior Manager of Product Planning and Market Intelligence Brazil & Latam at Hyundai Motor Brasil.

myChevrolet allows you to remotely start and stop the car, start and stop the engine, sound horns and lights, and locate the vehicle. The location system is quite accurate, having pinpointed the building where the model was parked accurately. The smart driving function can even point out consumption, sudden braking and acceleration, night driving, among other data.

The apps also allow the car to be monitored while it is with someone else. It could be a valet or a family member. You have access to everything.

You can also check the fuel level, see the projected autonomy, check the exact pressure of each tire and the total and partial odometer. It’s like the Formula 1 telemetry service.

Apps have been integrating with this embedded telemetry for a few years now. The precursor was OnStar. Together, they encompass various connectivity and security functions, from Wi-Fi to emergency and security triggering.

In the event of a crash, the services get in touch directly and can call emergency assistance even if there is no response. Given the violent reality of Brazil, there is one point that is universally sought after: the tracking, blocking and location of stolen or stolen cars.

“It has other functions that shine to the eye, such as the recovery of a stolen car. Perhaps it is the main appeal for consumers. It is also possible to lock the car, but if it is in motion, it will be turned off as soon as it is parked”, explains Flavio.

Such connectivity brings a benefit that is not a functionality, but helps to save: discount on insurance, something explained by the very high recovery rate. According to information obtained when using Chevrolet OnStar, more than 99% of cars are recovered.

“The car and the cell phone are not that different. The vehicle is computerized and has microcontrollers that can trigger functions. Of course, more expensive cars have more advanced electronics”, adds Rudolf.

The professor points out that all this communication between smartphone, car and central requires a high level of security. It’s not very different from what a bank requires, according to Rudolf.

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