see how to disable the loan button in the app

How to disable the loan button on the Nubank app?

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Among the various resources used by the Nubank, one of them is the pre-approved loan function. However, many people believe that having this button may not be so secure, in case someone accesses their Nubank account. After all, even if you don’t have any money in your account, criminals may decide to take out a loan in your name. So, to see if it is possible to disable this button in your app, check below.

How to disable the loan button in the Nubank app?

According to users’ complaint, the feature of loan is located in a partdangerous” from the app. This is because it facilitates access to pre-approved credit for malicious people. In cases of cell phone theft, for example, this can become a big problem.

Thus, a solution found by many people is to remove this loan option from the app’s home screen. But is this possible? And the answer is yes. The solution is quite simple, but it cannot be done automatically. It requires help from the company’s support. That is, you need to contact the bank.

The good news is that the Nubank is famous for fast and easy service. Therefore, just enter the bank application, access the option “It helps me” (in the form of a question mark, located in the upper right corner of the home screen) and select “Talk to us“, at the bottom of the page. Afterwards, you can request the blocking with the attendants.

Finally, when in contact with the chat, just say that you would like to disable the loan button and proceed with the conversation. Before deactivating the feature, the fintech explains that the customer will be able to reverse the block, but will need to contact the company again. This could also change the value of your pre-approved loan in the future as it requires a new credit review.

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