The 10 Best Songs by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez started his career as one of the child stars of Disney Channelachieving worldwide fame playing Alex Russo in the beloved series ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’.

However, in addition to her career as an actress (which has been gaining new layers, especially with her role in the acclaimed ‘Only Murders in the Building’), Gomez also has solid success in the music scene – having already released three albums with the band The Scene and four other solo productions (including the recent ‘Revelation’which took her back to her Latin roots).

Owner of hits as “Lose You to Love Me”, “Fallin’ Down” and “A Year Without Rain”the complete artist 30 years on the day of today, July 22. And, to celebrate your birthday, we put together a short list listing your top ten songs. For this purpose, we are not taking into account tracks in which Gomez has been cast as a guest artist (such as “Taki Taki” and “Wolves”).

Check out our picks below and tell us which one is your favorite:


Album: Stars Dance

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If the first albums were already starting to put Selena Gomez in the spotlight, “Come & Get It” would come to perpetuate his career on a world scale. O lead single in ‘Stars Dance’his first solo album, marked a drastic change in his sound identity and, despite being faithful to the electropop and to synth-pop of previous songs, bet chips on bhangra and references to Bollywood for a phonographic and visual spectacle that certainly remains in memory as one of his most iconic songs.

Album: A Year Without Rain

In ‘A Year Without Rain’Selena Gomez’s second album with The Scenethe artist continued to explore the identity she had built on since her official debut in the phonographic world – and one of the songs that most caught the public’s attention was the great ballad “A Year Without Rain”. Bringing references including the Eurodancea track it speaks of a love that, when it leaves, leaves an unbearable feeling of emptiness. As if it were not enough,


Album: Kiss & Tell

In 2009, Selena made her debut with the well received ‘Kiss & Tell’teaming up with the band The Scene to extol the power of electropop with songs that would be marked in the culture pop and in memory of its growing legion of fans. “Naturally”in this way, is one of the best representatives of this early era of performer, talking about a relationship that unfolds with ease and joy – marked by the narcotic use of synthesizers and a very bubblegum chorus. The song would even be re-released in ‘A Year Without Rain’.


Album: Rare

six years after ‘Revival’the artist came back unbeatable with what we can only see as the best entry in her discography – the intimate, sexy and powerful ‘Rare’which features one of the best tracks of his career. “ring” is a flirtation with his Latin roots that moves through a sensual and enveloping beat (and bets on vocals that oscillate between alto and soubrette).


Album: When the Sun Goes Down

OK, be honest: you didn’t expect to see “Bang Bang Bang” ranking sixth on our list. Despite not having the same commercial success as other songs on this list, the track deserves to be here for numerous reasons, whether it’s the production infused with electro-disk (courtesy of names like Toby Gad and Priscilla Hamilton), or because it represents one of the artist’s first inflections in a more daring and daring outfit, in addition to being accompanied by references to the 1980s in a retro, contemporary and nostalgic mix, at the same time.


Album: Revival

Easily one of Selena Gomez’s most iconic songs, “Hands to Myself” was released as a third single in ‘Revival’ and soon became a massive success, both critically and commercially. Every element of the track works flawlessly, from the characteristic production of Max Martin to the sensual verses signed by the singer. Influenced by the style of names like princethe song mixes dance-pop and synth-pop in a dive different from what we had seen so far in the artist’s career, talking openly about sexual desires and demonstrating a very engaging lyrical maturity.


Album: Rare

Gomez found an arduous identity maturation in 2014 and, since then, the artist has been promising us another compilation of intimate rendition, very personal and marked with a unique synesthesia. And, weeks before the release of his next album, Gomez gave us “Lose You To Love Me”a sad ballad of self-recognition and purge that is based on incredible lyrical metaphors and an echoing ambience.


Album: Revival

The 2010s were marked by numerous changes in the music scene – and one of those changes was the resurgence of electro-dance and synth-pop as a scene stamp mainstream. And while many artists stuck to trends, Gomez did the same with ‘Revival’ – and with the underrated “Survivors”. The beautiful and measured production dialogues perfectly with the singer’s vocal rendition and only adds to an anthemic narrative of overcoming obstacles.


Album: Revival

On one of the many lost pearls of ‘Revival’we are faced with the impeccable construction of “Sober” (which, unfortunately, Gomez wasted as single official). In addition to a surprising rendition, the production brings elements of synth-pop 1980s and draws parallels with the work of several artists, especially Robyn and siain addition to serving as a rant speech that starts from the experiences of the performer.


Album: Rare

In 2017, Selena would dive into a new chapter of her career with the release of the acclaimed “Bad Liar”. Applauded as not only one of the best songs of that year, but of the past decade, the track brings new elements to the singer-songwriter’s discography – whether by incorporating a poignant bass that pays homage to the classic “Psycho Killer”whether for the more subtle vocals and midtempo (something that was not used before). Furthermore, the mix between pop rock and pop alternative is flawless and carries us through almost four minutes of pure creative explosion.

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