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With the launch of Its not good on Hulu/Disney+, Dylan O’Brien is once again a trending topic on social media. Often hailed as “the boyfriend of the internet” due to his immense onscreen charm, Dylan has a unique ability to win over fans with his onscreen presence.

While Dylan O’Brien rose to prominence in the Teen Wolf in 2011, he made his name in cinema as the lead in many movies, from comedy to action and romance. Letterboxd users rated their performances in their 10 highest rated movies.


10 Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015) – 2.9

Labyrinth Corridor Burn Evidence.  Dylan O'Brien

The second installment of the dystopian young adult franchise the maze runner is the lowest rated in the trilogy. In the film, the main character Thomas (played by Dylan O’Brien) manages to escape the labyrinth tests run by the World Catastrophe Killzone Department (WCKD) and escapes with his fellow survivors.

While it may be the least liked film of the trilogy by Letterboxd users, many of them praised Dylan O’Brien’s performance. For example, Thomas joked, “Why is watching Dylan O’Brien run for his life so satisfying?” at its 2.5 review, noting her strength as a protagonist despite the film’s mixed reviews.

9 Flashback (2020) – 3.1

Dylan O'Brien in Flashback (2020)

Released digitally during the pandemic, this mystery thriller sees Dylan O’Brien as Fredrick, a haunted young man who is suddenly possessed by visions of a girl who has disappeared from his school. As he begins to connect with his past, his repressed memories are brought to the surface.

This independent film received positive reviews due to its unique premise and impressive dreamlike quality that builds mystery. O’Brien gave a convincing performance as a man trying and failing to escape his past, which helped add to his ambiguity.

8 Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018) – 3.1

Dylan O'Brien as Thomas in Maze Runner The Death Cure

The third and final installation of the maze runner trilogy sees Thomas re-enter a maze once more as the plot comes full circle. O’Brien’s character leads a group of rebels at the WCKD base within a city and attempts to overthrow the organization once and for all.

After being delayed for years due to O’Brien’s injury on set, maze runner fans greeted his comeback with more positive reviews than O death cure predecessor on Letterboxd, while noting that the film gives the audience a rather sad farewell. The franchise never achieved the same cultural impact as its relatives, Hunger Gamesbut there are still many fans who liked to see things closed.

7 The Labyrinth Runner (2014) – 3.2

Dylan O'Brien in The Maze Runner outside with a blurred tree background

The movie that started it all, O maze runner The first film in the trilogy launches Thomas into the maze, with no memories of his past, in a dystopian world called The Glade. Thomas, with his steadfast morals and reluctance to conform to The Glade’s established rules, emerges as the key to his escape.

Released in the midst of a series of young adult novels being adapted for film in the mid-2010s, the maze runner stood out thanks to its captivating presence and Dylan O’Brien’s role as Thomas. In the initial film of the trilogy, he won over book fans and moviegoers alike by showing his potential as a leading man.

6 Bee (2018) – 3.2

Dylan O'Brien voices Bumblebee

Bee it’s the first transformers film to have a singular Transformer with human characters as its main story. Many viewers may not know that Dylan O’Brien voices the titular Bumblebee, a sweet-natured Transformer who is cast from his homeworld to Earth and meets a grieving young woman looking for a place in his ever-changing world.

O’Brien’s voice acting is essential to selling the part of the unusually adorable robot disguised as a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. The trope of a child befriending another creature is certainly nothing new, but the film’s warmth makes it feel original, especially to the much more action-oriented. transformers movie franchise.

5 Not OK (2022) – 3.3

Dylan O'Brien and Zoey Deutch in Not Okay

Inside Its not good, a self-centered influencer named fakes a trip to Paris to impress a guy she likes (played by O’Brien), where a real terrorist attack occurs during her so-called vacation. When she returns home, the newfound attention encourages her to continue the lie as an apparent survivor and start an activist movement.

This dark comedy sells its quirky premise with the presentation of “an unsympathetic female protagonist”, as the film proclaims at the beginning. Dylan O’Brien showcases his comedic skills as an equally annoying, smoking-obsessed influencer and love interest audiences will love to hate.

4 Love and Monsters (2020) – 3.4

Dylan O'Brien and dog in Love and Monsters

This unique apocalypse movie doesn’t have zombies, but rather a plague of cold-blooded creatures that evolved into massive monsters. Joel (played by Dylan O’Brien), tired of hiding in a bunker, sets off into the dangerous world to find an old girlfriend and meets some new faces on his journey.

love and monsters successfully balances love – romantic and platonic – and adventure to create an original take on the post-apocalyptic film genre. As Bethany put it on Letterboxd, “I’m always a fan of the ‘grumpy grown man adopts a kid’ trope, especially when the grumpy adult in question is played by Dylan O’Brien.”

3 Deepwater Horizon (2016) – 3.4

Dylan O'Brien as Caleb Holloway in Deepwater Horizon

Dylan O’Brien joins an all-star cast alongside Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson and John Malkovich in this depiction of the worst oil disaster in history, the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Dylan plays Caleb, a driller on the ill-fated oil rig.

The film was nominated for several Academy Awards. The cast’s performances, in particular, were praised for highlighting the victims of the explosion, as well as the film’s underlying message about how disastrous this recent event was for the environment and its ongoing consequences.

2 The outfit (2022) – 3.5


This 2022 gangster movie is about a tailor working primarily for the local mafia in 1955 Chicago who finds himself and his business in the crossfire as gang tensions mount. Dylan O’Brien plays Ritchie, the son of the mob boss who is part of Al Capone’s city-wide operations known as “The Outfit”.

Dylan O’Brien fans will welcome this new and more villainous role he takes on in this film. This is one of two movies where O’Brien and Zoey Deutch play side by side (the other being Its not good), noticed by Letterboxd users for his acting chemistry. Olivia, for example, said, “the world needs more Dylan O’Brien and Zoey Deutch”.

1 Alright: The Short Film (2021) – 4.3

In music superstar Taylor Swift’s directorial debut, this short film is based on Taylor’s music. All Too Well”, extended into a ten-minute version for the re-recording of her Swift album Red. The song, considered a favorite by many Swift fans, is based on her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, to whom the song makes several references.

In the music video, Dylan O’Brien plays the significantly older boyfriend opposite Sadie Sink – a remarkably similar age gap to Swift and Gyllenhaal during their relationship. The music video features the honeymoon period of the couple’s relationship, along with extended sequences of their arguments that caused the relationship to break up and how Sadie’s character responds to the experience. In Letterboxd, Silent Dawn described the film as “Beautiful and melancholy, with rich autumnal tones and two strong performances”.

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