This is not a good time to buy an iPhone; find out why

O iPhone It is one of the best known cell phones in the world, recognized for its innovations and a unique model that gives users a certain prestige. Those who work as influencers on the internet often praise the camera and content production tools. In this way, the line has been expanding by offering more options for professional use.

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Recently, the launch of the iPhone 14 was announced, awaited by those who want to make the purchase in the pre-sale. However, not everyone wants the newest model, opting for the older versions. Remembering that periodically some devices stop receiving the iOS operating system update, becoming obsolete and replaceable.

Buying an iPhone close to the launch date of a new device prevents you from getting discounts

When an item of great recognition goes out of the market, it is common for the previous version to be devalued. This happens with all Apple smartphones that have been on the market for years, including the iPhone 12. Therefore, waiting a few days can generate good savings, considering that investments are not low compared to other brands.

For example, the 64GB iPhone 12 cost R$7,999 before the arrival of the iPhone 13, now costing R$6,499. A difference of almost R$ 1,500, that is, it saves a lot of resources. In addition, there are options that have 5G mobile data compatibility, prioritizing a faster internet connection, such as iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone Pro Max, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 Pro.

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