You may be charging your iPhone the wrong way; see dangers

One iPhone It is usually expensive, so it is important to take good care of the device, ensuring good durability. That way, you can save on maintenance and replacements. Among the care factors with a smartphone, the most relevant is linked to charging, which results in certain errors, causing damage.

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Although it seems simple, certain attitudes related to this moment usually cause wear on the devices. Therefore, when it is considered an easy activity, just leaving the cell phone in the socket, it is necessary to redouble attention to some components. Identifying if you’re making a mistake and fixing it quickly prevents your charger from crashing.

Know the main mistakes when charging a cell phone for those who have an iPhone

Use the old loading method

To boost iPhone charging, it is possible to use a 20 watt power adapter, with a USB-C cable for lighting fixtures. From the 8th generation onwards it is possible to make this adaptation, recharging the battery in up to 50% less time. However, try to do this only when you are in a hurry.

Do not charge your cell phone on the computer

Although this possibility exists, in addition to being dangerous because it can overheat your computer and cell phone, the process can take longer. Always prefer to leave it plugged in at night to avoid fiddling with your iPhone while it’s plugged in.

Do not tamper with any electronic devices that are charging the battery.

On certain devices, this can interfere with charging and ruin the charger structure. Only make an exception if it is an urgent matter, but try to keep the battery charged at all times.

Try to configure your cell phone to save battery

When you are not using your smartphone, leave it in battery saving mode and also dim the screen light, leaving it in dark mode. These features reduce load consumption.

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