7 Amazing Features Coming in Android 13

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Indeed, it has finally arrived! After a significant time waiting for the launch of its new project, Google finally announced its new operating system called Android 13. In this sense, it is important to highlight that this new operating system developed by Google is full of several new features that will make your phone much better compared to the operating system it has now.

As this new operating system is new, since it was recently announced – more precisely on August 15, 2022 – we will bring you some topics you need to know about this new operating system that Google has developed.

In addition, it is important to make it clear that this new system will be implemented first on devices that are produced by Google, and only later will it be implemented on other devices that use the Android system that was developed by the company. Check it out here!

Android 13’s New Highlight Features

New icons that match your screen saver!

Yes, Google has put a lot of thought into the design of your phone and in this new operating system it will be possible to modify the icons on your smartphone according to the theme of the phone you are using. All this without having to download modifications that are not established by the operating system.

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It will now be possible to assign specific languages ​​to each application you are interested in!

This novelty is one of the best that comes with Android 13. In fact, it will now be possible to modify the language of your device in individual applications. That is, you are now allowed to change the language of the google search engine, for example, without changing the language of your gallery. Isn’t this amazing news?

Many more features tied to “bedtime mode”!

Bedtime mode is already a tool available for Android that is operating on the operating system currently. However, with Android 13 some new features have been added that allow the user to darken their wallpaper, not to mention that it is now possible to activate night mode only during night time. Isn’t that also amazing and enabling news?

Android 13 allows you to automatically clear the clipboard!

With this new Android update, it seems that it will be possible to clear your clipboard after a period that has not yet been revealed by Google. So, if you end up leaving some personal data on your phone’s clipboard, the good news is that it won’t stay there forever.

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Android 13 makes it possible for you to turn on the flashlight with just one quick tap!

The new Android update will also allow the user to be able to turn on their smartphone’s flashlight much faster than Android currently allows. That is, the new Android 13 allows the user to define “Toggle Flashlight” as a Quick Tap gesture action.

Media permissions in Android 13 are more secure!

Many applications require a permission to access our phone’s files which, in fact, do not make much sense. The good news is that Android 13 will solve this privacy issue, as it will allow the user to select the specific photos and videos that a certain app can or cannot access, an extremely positive change, isn’t it?

App notifications will be your choice!

Nowadays, all apps keep sending notifications to users, which is a bit of a nuisance. However, Android 13 is completely reversing this logic. That is, when you download an application, you will decide whether or not to see notifications for that application.

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