7 Netflix movies based on real events

Netflix has a catalog full of series, movies and documentaries. Among the productions, those based on real stories draw the public’s attention, precisely because they tell facts of general knowledge. Some of these stories were marked, as is the case of Ted Bundy: The Final Confessionwhich shows FBI psychologist Bill Hagmaier becoming involved in a complicated relationship with the serial killer that gives the title its name.

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As for the fans of stories that move, Looking for happiness, starring Will Smith, tells the story of a single father who strives to build a better life for his family and show the true meaning of happiness to his son. Another exciting (and very cute!) movie is Marley and Mewhich features Jennifer Aniston in the cast and tells the antics of a newly adopted Labrador.

With so many options available, it’s hard to know where to start marathoning. With that in mind, the Canaltech created a list of the 7 best Netflix movies based on real events for you to watch. Check it out below.


To start our list of nominations, nothing better than a feature that was nominated for four Oscars and won in the Best Actor category with Eddie Redmayne. The work, released in 2014, tells the story of Stephen Hawking, the British theoretical physicist and cosmologist who became internationally famous for his contribution to science.

The feature shows beyond the important relationships and theories created by the genius, with passages that tell how he met his wife and how he discovered his illness (EL A) at a young age.

Directed by James Marsh, the film also features Felicity Jones, Charlie Cox, David Thewlis, among others.


Another film inspired by a true story is the famous Eat Pray Love, which tells the story of Liz Gilbert, a recently divorced woman who decides to embark on a quest for self-discovery. Decide, she leaves for Italy, India and Bali, where she will live new adventures.

Directed by Ryan Murphy, this feature features Julia Roberts in the lead role and Richard Jenkins and Javier Bardem in the cast. The film is based on the book of the same name by author Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote it inspired by real life events.

A curiosity worth remembering is that the soundtrack features the Brazilian song “Samba da Bênção”, by Bebel Gilberto.


Speaking of music, the film by one of the most respected singers in Brazil could not be left out of our list. Released in 2016, the feature tells the story of Elis Regina Carvalho Costa — or just Elis Regina, as she became known.

Born in Rio Grande do Sul in 1945, the singer did not take long to become a Brazilian music phenomenon and to conquer a multitude of fans. As soon as she moved to Rio de Janeiro, Elis met the composer and producer Ronaldo Bôscoli, with whom she married and had a troubled relationship.

Troubled relationships, by the way, were Elis’ strong point, who, due to her difficult temper, was nicknamed “Pimentinha”, and received a song by Rita Lee in her honor called “Doce de Pimenta”. The two even became friends after some difficult moments, when Elis was a key player in getting Rita out of jail at the time of the military dictatorship. Elis died young, at the age of 36, in São Paulo.

The feature that tells her life was directed by Hugo Prata and won several awards, including the Brazilian Cinema Grand Prix in the Best Actress category for Andréia Horta.


Another icon of Brazilian music and owner of one of the most powerful voices of MPB is Tim Maia, and he also won a movie to call his own. Based on the book Vale Tudo – The Sound and Fury of Tim Maia the feature, directed by Mauro Lima, tells the fifty years of the artist’s life, from his poor childhood in Rio de Janeiro, until his premature death at the age of 55.

Among the most important passages are his trip to the United States, where he discovers new musical styles and is arrested for theft and possession of drugs, and his mystical phase, when he gets to know Rational Culture.

The feature is starring Babu Santana and Robson Nunes, and features Alinne Moraes, Cauã Reymond, George Sauma, Luis Lobianco, among others.


Starring Taron Egerton and Jamie Bell, this film is a biopic of Elton John and shows the beginning of the singer’s career until its heyday, when he became one of the main voices in the world.

The story also portrays Elton’s relationship with Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell), responsible for several of his successes, his complicated childhood, his father’s neglect and, finally, his relationship with John Reid (Richard Madden), his manager and ex. -partner.

Released in 2019, the film is just over two hours long and is directed by Dexter Fletcher. Among the awards, the film took the Oscar for best original song for “I’m Gonna Love Me Again”, with a performance by John himself, and the Golden Globe in the category Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for Taron Egerton.


This story of resilience and resilience revolves around William KamKwamba, a young man from Malawi whose greatest desire is to study. It turns out that his family faces several financial difficulties and his parents are unable to pay his school fees. In addition, the country is in a period of drought and thousands of people are homeless and starving.

In the midst of so many problems, however, William does not give up on his goals. One day, he ends up creating a windmill capable of pumping water straight to the plantations, ensuring his family’s livelihood and changing the course of his life.

Packed with twists and turns, this 2019-released drama was directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor and won the NAACP Image Award in the Best Director category.


Fun, romantic and real. These are some characteristics of this French film that tells the story of Nadir Dendoune, an unemployed and humble young man who decides to climb Mount Everest to conquer his beloved.

It turns out that he has no preparation for this, and his excessive attitude attracts attention from the local media that starts to cover his journey. Thus, the romantic boy suddenly becomes famous throughout Paris.

Released in 2017, the feature is directed by Ludovic Bernard and has Ahmed Sylla, Kevin razy, Waly Dia, and other names in the cast.

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