Afghanistan lost half of its journalists in a year of Taliban rule

“ANDAs of August 15, 2021, the country had 547 media outlets. A year later, 219 stopped operating. Of the 11,857 journalists identified before the Taliban came to power, only 4,759 remain today. Women journalists were the first victims of this shock wave: 76.19% lost their jobs”, reads the RSF analysis.

In the text published on its website, the NGO reveals that women have “completely disappeared” from the media in 11 of the 34 provinces that make up the country.

Before the Taliban took over the government, there were 2,756 journalists and press workers, but a year later there are only 656, of which 84.6% are in the Kabul region.

“The entire journalistic community was affected by the regime change”, emphasizes RSF, noting that, “in one year, Afghanistan lost 7,098 media professionals” and that 54.52% of male journalists lost their jobs.

According to RSF, of the 9,101 men who worked before the fall of Kabul, 4,962 stopped working.

“This decrease in the number of journalists is correlated with the number of media outlets, in a context of accentuated repression and an acute economic crisis”, he maintains.

Severely shaken by the Taliban’s takeover, Afghanistan lost 219 media outlets out of 547 it had.

Kabul has lost almost half of its means of communication, with only 69 in operation.

“In some provinces, it was above all the obligation to replace musical or information programs with religious programs that led some media to close their broadcasts”, he concludes.

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