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There was a moment when Fortaleza fans already seemed tired of the same script: the team played well, but did not win in Serie A. And that brought immense concern, frustration for those who had such a good year in the competition. Now, in the return, the performances have brought a positive result. There are four consecutive victories, with 27 points, which leave Fortaleza far from the Z-4.

+ Fortaleza beats Corinthians and wins the fourth in a row in the Brasileirão

The team beat Corinthians at Arena Castelão, on Sunday (21), with a goal by Moisés, and once again counted on the crowd’s party, which started even before the ball rolled, outside the stadium. This climate is what gives the players more gas so that the bad phase is left behind. Even with many complaints in the elimination against Fluminense in the Copa do Brasil, due to VAR and arbitration, Fortaleza did not let itself be let down in the next game, this one against Corinthians.

Best moments: Fortaleza 1 x 0 Corinthians, for the 23rd round of the Brasileirão 2022

Best moments: Fortaleza 1 x 0 Corinthians, for the 23rd round of the Brasileirão 2022

The big news for Fortaleza was the return of Tinga to the list. Lucas Crispim is the only player in transition. With embezzlement, Leão was formed with: Fernando Miguel; Brítez, Ceballos, Titi, Juninho Capixaba; Lucas Sasha, Hercules, Ronald; Moses, Romarinho and Robson.

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Fortaleza and Corinthians made a technically poor start to the game, with creation difficulties. Leão tried to push Timão to the defensive field, however, he ran into pass errors. Faced with a more participative Roger Guedes, Fortaleza’s defense managed to impose itself well.

Moises celebrates a goal in Fortaleza x Corinthians, at Castelão – Photo: Lucas Emanuel/AGIF

In the attack, the Tricolor did not mesh. He arrived in the 45th minute without any danger. In fact, Fernando Miguel and Cássio did little work. Fortaleza missed Galhardo, mainly because of the quality of passes.

Even without change, Fortaleza adopted a much more aggressive stance in the second half. Capixaba hit the post after a corner kick. Romarinho took the risk, like Robson and Lucas Sasha. With this offensive growth, the goal was just a matter of time. Moisés opened the scoring for Fortaleza, raising the crowd in the stadium.

Moisés celebrates Fortaleza’s victories and thanks fans: “We ask you to continue supporting”

Moisés celebrates Fortaleza’s victories and thanks fans: “We ask you to continue supporting”

The concern was due to the clash between Ceballos and Yuri Alberto, in which the Fortaleza defender ended up falling on the field unconscious and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Vojvoda opted for Habraão to replace Ceballos and for Lucas Lima to replace Romarinho.

The other substitutions maintained the quality of the team, which held the result until the end, the fourth consecutive victory in the Brazilian Series A. It is worth mentioning the return of Tinga, who left very emotional after the victory. He represents the role of an idol at this turning point for the club in the competition.

Fortaleza is the only team with 100% success in the return. Vojvoda captivates the stands again. In the next round, he will face São Paulo on Sunday (28), at Morumbi, at 4 pm, for the 24th round of the Brazilian Championship.

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