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It is not surprising when applications and services make use of similar logos or naming to other brands. This is much more common than it seems, as it causes users to make the association and end up giving the venture a chance. A recent example is the app NU Tradewhich not only uses the first syllable, but also a logo curiously similar to the Nubank.

Nubank card
Nubank (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

Visiting NU Trade’s Google Play page, it’s easy to think it’s something related to Nubank. For starters, the logo is extremely similar to the purple brand. In addition, expressions such as “negotiation” and “financial market” can further increase this connection, as they are common assets when it comes to digital banking.

However, there is no relationship between the two companies.

NU Trade page on the Play Store (Image: Playback / Internet)
NU Trade page on the Play Store (Image: Playback / Internet)

NU Trade is a financial trading platform. It calls its users “players” and “traders”, promising a simple, intuitive and secure interface. The developer is Okx Trade Public, a company that works with bitcoins, cryptocurrencies and the like. That is, if a person downloads the app thinking it will be integrated into a digital bank, they will end up having a scare.

Another factor that left me with a foot behind is the app’s ratings on the Play Store. Many users giving five stars and writing reviews that look more like coach and executive texts. For example:

In my opinion, this is a trading software worth downloading. The operation is fair. Although I’m going to lose, I think it’s normal. It is still very different from other competitors in the market. I like to trade on it, not only because it is easy to use, but also because it is a simple chart, it is easy to earn extra money, I played all week, and I am sure it is a very good money making app, and I recommend it.

User named Bender Magri

Of course, everything ends up giving a feeling of distrust, since the mix of copying logo and nomenclature with too high ratings is a recipe for a beautiful cake with a “back-to-back” flavor.

Similarity strategy is not unheard of

It is very easy to come across companies that copy certain parts of others to get the user’s or customer’s attention.

In Russia, after McDonald’s left the country, a new restaurant took its place. Called “Uncle Vanya”, your logo resembles something else, doesn’t it?

logo of
“Uncle Vanya” logo in Russia (Image: Reproduction / Russian Intellectual)

In this sense, it is not difficult to find other examples of popular restaurants around the world with their quota of copies. This also applies to applications and services. However, don’t be alarmed when you get confused because of a name or image. The suggestion is to check if you are really accessing the company you want.

Do you know other brands that have their “similars” out there?

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