Coach highlights points where Neymar surpasses Messi and Mbappé

Neymar in PSG game

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Paris Saint-Germain coach Christophe Galtier praised forward Neymar this Sunday (21). After the 7-1 rout over Lille for the French Championship, the captain highlighted three points in which the Brazilian surpasses his two companions.

“Neymar is the one who gives more balance, has volume and intensity. We have been working for weeks so that the 3 fronts participate in this balance”, commented Christophe Galtier, in an interview with French Prime Video.

PSG’s number 10 scored two goals and even gave three assists in today’s game. Messi also scored, but the top scorer of the match was Frenchman Mbappé, who scored three times against Lille away from home.

“[O time] evolved with the presence of Mbappé. We try to find the best balance possible. They played like that last season in another organization as well. [Hoje] they played at each other with strong images between them, a lot of complicity, smiles. I liked that willingness to play for each other,” he commented.

Galtier also took the opportunity to praise the coaching staff for the rehearsed play of the first goal. After Messi’s pass, Mbappé scored for PSG in the 9 seconds of the first half.

“I take my hat off to my team. It is a situation that we see more and more in other championships and it is good that we see this in the French Championship. We worked on that in training yesterday (Saturday) and we did it perfectly,” she added.

The PSG coach even finished talking about the requirement for the French squad. “It’s the daily requirement, the high-level requirement, of the Champions League. That everyone can participate in the sequence of matches. I made five changes tonight, there will be some sooner sometimes. The most important thing is that there is no slack,” he stressed.

“These are the players who want to succeed. They may have a little revenge to collectively carry out last season, even if they are champions of France. We need happy players in the dressing room who want to join the project.”

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