Complete artist! Check out 5 movies with Taylor Swift

As much as Taylor Swift is super known for her iconic hits like “Black Space” and “All Too Well”, she has also bet her talent on films. In addition to being a songwriter and performer, Taylor has appeared as an actress in some productions during her career. Complete artist who speaks, right?

Taylor appears in the feature film “Amsterdan”, which hits theaters in November

Taylor appears in the feature film “Amsterdan”, which hits theaters in November

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Last week, it was revealed that she almost participated in “New Moon”, the “Twilight Saga”, as we told here. Even the blonde is present in the cast of “Amsterdam”, a crime drama that hits theaters on November 4. The film stars Christian Bale and Margot Robbie, plus Anya Taylor-Joy, Michael B. Jordan, Robert De Niro, Chris Rock and more. This one will weigh on your resume!

With the re-release of the “Red” album last year, in addition to previously unreleased music, Taylor has added an additional item to the project: a short film. The anthem “All Too Well” got its own 10-minute story, starring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink. It is worth mentioning that the singer acted in the project and was responsible for the direction.

Singer, songwriter, director and actress… you can already tell that she likes to explore the artistic world, right? Check out some movies that Taylor Swift has participated in:

The comings and goings of Love (2010)

The first time Taylor decided to test her skills as an actress was in the movie “The comings and goings of love”. That movie about Valentine’s Day that brings together several actors, like Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts and Ashton Kutcher, you know?

In fact, the singer stars in the film alongside her boyfriend at the time: none other than Taylor Lautner. In the plot, they also played a couple. cute!

The Lorax: In Search of the Lost Truffle (2012)

The year was 2012 and Taylor decided to use the voice for something other than singing the anthems “22” or “I Knew You’re Trouble”. The singer had her first experience as a voice actress when she starred in the animation “The Lorax: In Search of the Lost Trúfula”. Taylor starred in the production alongside Zac Efron, in the roles of Theodore and Audrey, respectively.

The Giver of Memories (2014)

Romantic comedy, voice acting in animation and for a change even more… supporting in a dystopia. In 2014, Taylor appeared in the drama “The Giver of Memories” alongside the likes of Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep and Katie Holmes. The curriculum only grows!

At the time, the singer was 25 years old and was cast in the role of Rosemary.

Cats (2019)

Being a part of a musical isn’t for everyone, but if you already have experience with singing and performing, it’s a lot easier! In 2019, Taylor is part of the cast of the adaptation of the musical “Cats” for the cinemas. She played the role of “Bombalurina”.

As much as the film was highly anticipated, it was a real failure with critics and at the box office. Even today it is remembered for its frighteningly bizarre special effects. The attempt was valid but, in practice, it did not go very well.

Miss American (2020)

We cannot fail to mention a production by Taylor herself, right? In 2020, the singer produced her own documentary! Titled as “Miss Americana”, the feature was released on Netflix.

During the project, Taylor explores her personal life and career, showing a more transparent and candid view of her world. In addition to including behind the scenes of the “Reputation” tour, outbursts and moments in the recording studio.

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