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Cuca will not discuss, at the moment, the contractual renewal with Atlético-MG. The coach has a contract until November. The team is already eliminated from the Copa do Brasil and Copa Libertadores. In the Brazilian, it is outside the Libertadores classification zone and far from the leadership. The board wants the renewal, but just waits for the coach.

However, the coach’s focus is to get the team back on track in 2022. They are 14 points away from the leader of the Brazilian, Palmeiras. Only 15 rounds to go. Cuca still believes in a sprint by the Rooster (and, consequently, a drop in the performance of rivals).

– We don’t talk about it now. We have fifteen rounds this year to finish the championship, so we can do our best. The title is a long way off, but we still haven’t thrown in the towel, it depends on a fantastic start, but anything in football can happen.

Cuca’s third spell at Atlético starts this Sunday, against Inter — Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético-MG

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

The answer was given in a surprise interview on Monday. Minutes after Nacho Fernández gave the traditional press conference of the day, Atlético’s press office again summoned journalists. Cuca asked to speak.

There was no specific subject. The coach wanted to explain the bad moment of the team. He talked about that and also about the future at the club. Or rather, he said that it was not the time to discuss whether or not to renew the contract, which ends in November.

“We are committed to this (reacting in the Brazilian). Then talk about it (renovation) very calmly.”

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A few days ago, President Sérgio Coelho commented on Cuca’s future at Atlético. The manager wants to stay in 2023. However, he ponders, it is necessary to know what the coach wants. This conversation, says Sérgio Coelho, will come at an opportune moment.

– Cuca is a coach that we would love to have with us. He needs to want to stay too. Let’s talk for sure. If it works for us, and for him too. But it is premature to talk about it now – said Sérgio Coelho.

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