Do you know how to send a confidential email in Gmail? learn here

With regard to personal emails, Google uses the standard encryption tool to protect users’ security; however, for those messages that require a higher level of privacy, there is a tool that gives an extra guarantee of protection. Know the confidential way of sending emails. Follow the instructions below on how to send a sensitive email using Gmail and how the tool works.

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Sending confidential email in Gmail

Google confidential mode was implemented in 2018, however most users claim not to know the tool that was created with the aim of protecting emails so that they cannot be hacked, replicated or leaked.

Thus, when this mode is activated, messages sent during this period cannot be copied, forwarded or downloaded, either with the computer or with the cell phone. Also, emails can expire! That is, they will be deleted from the Inbox after a while.

How to enable confidential mode on computer?

How to send a confidential email using Gmail

If you are in a browser on your notebook or desktop computer, the process is very simple. See the instructions: normally compose the email you want to send and click the icon on the padlock with a clock. It justly symbolizes confidentiality and the estimated time for the message to expire, in other words, it sums up the email history of your recipients. After pressing, a pop-up will appear, as shown below:

How to send a confidential email using Gmail

From this screen, you need to set some security issues. First, choose the deadline for messages to be deleted. It can vary between one day and five years. Then choose whether to create a password for opening the email. This password will be sent by SMS to the recipient’s phone number, so he will only be able to access the message with the code in hand. Super safe, no?

How to activate confidential mode on mobile?

How to send a confidential email using Gmail

You must have the Gmail app, but it is available for both iOS and Android. In general, the process is very similar. Therefore, add content to the body of the email and, when finished, press the three dots that are usually in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, press the Confidential Mode option and make the required adjustments, such as setting the deadline for the message to be deleted and creating a password for sending via text message.

Now you know how to send secure messages conveniently and quickly!

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