Flamengo sponsor seeks partner to build stadium, details project and reveals interest in naming rights

Paulo Henrique Costa, president of the bank BRB, sponsor of Flamengo, opened the game about the project and plans for the construction of its own stadium

O Flamengo remains firm with a plan to build its own stadium. In an interview with the channel Red-Black Paparazzo, Paulo Henrique Costabank president BRBsponsor of the Rio de Janeiro club, revealed that he is looking for a partner for the partnership.

The first move is the search for a partner because he values ​​our partnership, buy part of the shares and that will generate the result that Flamengo needs to finance the purchase (of the land) and the construction of the stadium. In addition, the BRB as a partner, he wants to be together in naming rights and will continue in the partnership, giving results for Flamengo”, he began by saying.

The president of the red-black sponsor highlighted that there is a financial advisor hired to manage the operation. The search for a partner investor continues in full swing.

We hired a financial advisor who is BTG, who conducts the operation. And we are at the moment when we seek to access investors to see who comes with us“, he added.

On the Flamengo side, there is a search for land. President Rodolfo Landim negotiates directly with Caixa Econômica Federal for the Gasometer space, located in the north of Rio de Janeiro.

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