Galvão Bueno reveals agreement with Globo in relation to other TV stations after the World Cup

Galvão Bueno lives his last months as a Globo contractor. The current bond extends until the end of the World Cup, in December, and will not be renewed. The narrator gave an interview to the newspaper “Folha de S. Paulo” and stated that the station will not have another name like him in the future.

The narrator stressed that his opinion refers to the way he conducted his career in the company, focusing on the main narrations of events such as football, Formula 1, the Olympics, and so on.

– My saying this may seem like a pretense, but there won’t be another Galvão. It is not a question of quality, but of quantity. Do you know why? I used to do everything for a long time. I did F1, the Olympics, I did the championships, the decisions for Brazilian and regional titles, the Brazilian National Team, the Cup. This must not exist. Because broadcasting rights are more pulverized and it’s not even Globo’s idea to have someone else like that,” he said.

Galvão also said that he has an agreement with Globo not to leave the station and close with a competitor, as the presenter Fausto Silva recently did.

– I stop on December 18, final of the Cup. It’s been 41 years of Globo, 48 of television. It will be my last narration on open TV. I have an agreement with Globo and I will not go to any other station. There are even some proposals, but I’m not going – he said.

About the future, Galvão revealed some projects that he intends to keep on the internet.

– No (continue) on television. My platform change is set. We have good projects in progress. I will have my channel (on Youtube), I have contacts with these communication companies, these new ones. The project is big, I talked to João Pedro Paes Leme (Play9, partner of Felipe Neto), who was my editor at Globo. I don’t intend to be an influencer, I want to be a publisher in this digital world, on these platforms. I can’t imagine myself retired.

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