Google Fi may appear on a smartwatch for the first time

Google Fi is a company feature made to use both carriers’ 5G and LTE networks. However, it is not available even among the most advanced models on the market today. Now, that scenario is something that is about to change with the new Google Pixel Watch.

The company’s smartwatch was presented in May of this year and is expected to be launched along with the new smartphones in the Pixel line. According to what users have discovered, it seems that there will be support for the new device in this feature as its app mentions the smartwatch codename a few times.

There are not many details about this and rumors indicate that it will be possible to buy the product directly from MVNO or add it to the user’s plan. Still, it is worth remembering that there is no type of confirmation, even if this opens up opportunities for other watch models to join the novelty.

In practical terms, this means that the company’s smartwatch would be able to work alone, that is, regardless of the connection to a smartphone. Recent findings also indicate that it will be possible to insure the smart watch over the network and there is no need to purchase a protection plan.

Until then, rumors about the Pixel Watch addressed various issues such as battery life and accessories that should come with the product. Likewise, it is possible for Google to release more than one version of the product to the market. However, all details must be revealed when the product is released to the public.

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