Grmio 2 x 2 Cruzeiro: referee justifies in a smula expelled from Pezzolano

Pezzolano was expelled after
photo: Staff Images/Cruise

Pezzolano was sent off after receiving two yellow cards against Grmio

Referee Brulio da Silva Machado (FIFA/SC) justified on the scoresheet the expulsion of coach Paulo Pezzolano in Cruzeiro’s 2-2 draw with Grmio, this Sunday (21/8), at Arena, in Porto Alegre-RS, for the 25th round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship. The Uruguayan coach was excluded from the technical area in the final stretch of the game.

Energetic from the start of the game, Pezzolano received some ‘scolding’ from fourth referee Lucas Guimares Rechatiko Horn (RS) before being cautioned by Brulio. The referee gave the celestial coach a yellow card in the first half, in the 33rd minute.

On the score sheet, Brulio reported that the first card was applied after the coach “complained and protested ostensibly and offensively against the referee’s decision”. The second was for “persisting in protesting in an exalted manner, with gestures punching the air.”

“It’s slutty! I didn’t say anything to him (referee). Lucky I have everything recorded, I have everything here (he said pointing to a tape recorder)”, he told journalists who were in the mixed zone of the stadium.

Confused in the stands

“Public conduct: I inform you that, in the 27th minute of the first half, the game was stopped for 3 minutes, and in the 33rd minutes of the first half it was stopped again for 4 minutes, and in both stoppages the reason was for a general confrontation between fans who were in the area destined for the home team”, he reported.

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