How to make the self-declaration to win the Pix Trucker?

Pix Trucker: deadline for self-declaration ends on August 29. How to make this statement without leaving home?

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On August 9, the federal government began to release the payment of the so-called Pix Caminhoneiro. This is a social program created recently, after approval of the so-called PEC of Benefits.

The idea is to financially assist self-employed cargo workers, with payments of six installments in the amount of R$ 1 thousand, until December. In August, truck drivers receive the payment of two installments, referring to July and August. But who is entitled? To learn how to self-declare a truck driver, see below.

Pix Trucker: deadline for self-declaration ends on August 29

Firstly, it should be noted that the self-declaration period for receiving the first and second installments of Pix Caminhoneiro runs until August 29th. This is done from the Self-Declaration of the TAC Registration Term. Professionals with an “active” status in the National Registry of Road Cargo Transporters must make the self-declaration, but who have not had a record of cargo transport operation this year.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, all professionals in this situation received a notification in the systems. Thus, they can use the official channels to make the self-declaration. These are the Employs Brasil Portal or the Digital Work Card app.

Finally, in all, there will be more than 190 thousand people qualified to receive the Pix Caminhoneiro at this first moment. According to the government, a total of 900,000 self-employed truck drivers should be entitled to payments by the end of the year. Truck drivers registered with the RNTR-C until May 31 of this year, and in an “active” situation until July 27 of this year, are entitled to the values.

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