‘It didn’t fit’: how Ceni’s analysis of Galoppo reflects duel with Fla – 08/22/2022

“Yesterday we had a training session, he didn’t adapt so well to what we imagined. We will work so that he can fit in better. He is a useful player for us.”

Rogério Ceni’s analysis of the reason why the Argentine Giuliano Galoppo has not been selected in the defeat against Santos and in the two previous games, shed light on what the São Paulo coach imagines for the first decision against Flamengo in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil. Brazil, next Wednesday (24): there will be no invention.

The 23-year-old midfielder, brought with high expectations to the club, is still not satisfied with what the coaching staff wants and it will not be a surprise. It’s a pragmatic approach: whoever has been doing what Ceni wants, will play. Who hasn’t done that, no.

Neves out, Pablo in

The biggest example for this is to be seen in midfield. After the game against Santos, Ceni complained a lot about pass errors. At one point, he said that the same player missed five passes in a row: “If you catch Flamengo on a day inspired by them and miss five passes, you lose the game in the first half with 3-0. You can’t cross random passes”, he said. the coach. The player in question was Gabriel Neves.

At the same time, Pablo Maia “entered well”. It was a short and quick compliment, but as the two are vying for the same spot, the conclusion is simple.

Rafinha in the back line

Another conclusion has to do with the defense. Ceni even talked about deciding whether to play with a line of four defenders or keep the three-backs scheme, but the presence of Rafinha alongside Miranda and Ferraresi pleased: “The defensive trio played a good game today. Rafinha, Miranda and Ferraresi were important today, they played many times one-on-one, and they got the job done”.

Using the same concept as Galoppo (there will be no invention), it is to be expected that the scheme that has been used the most (with three defenders) should be maintained. Remembering that Ferraresi, the most praised by Ceni after the classic, did not arrive in time to be entered in the Copa do Brasil.

But what about the rest?

Finally, the last clue offered by the coach for the starting 11 against Flamengo is that “many of those who train tomorrow (Monday) are athletes who start the game [da Copa do Brasil]”.

Let’s compete, we have the support of the fans. And we’re going to try, even though Flamengo has the best squad in South America, we’re going to try to play at home and get the best result at home and go to Maracanã.”

The first leg against Fla will take place at 9:30 pm (Brasília time) on Wednesday (24), at Morumbi. The return will be on the 14th (Wednesday), at Maracanã, at 21:45.

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