‘It’s not a coincidence’, says Felipão about scored bicycle goals

Athletico-PR received today (21), at Arena da Baixada, América-MG, for the 23rd round of the Brazilian Championship and drew 1-1 after opening the score. As a result, Hurricane missed the opportunity to enter the G4, staying in fifth position.

In a press conference after the match, coach Luiz Felipe Scolari admitted that Athletico is experiencing a moment of instability and denied that it is a coincidence to concede two goals from a bicycle in less than a week:

“No, no, no. It’s coincidence and quality of whoever scored the goal on Wednesday and who scored the goal today. He was well positioned, he knew how to make that move and we allowed it from the beginning of the move, which was our attack, we allowed a ball in the back, we allowed a defender to leave the area… So, the quality of the athlete was what made the difference, a ball played on the second post and we fought for the ball, but it was left, he did the goal as well as in the other game. Pedro scored a goal in a ball that was not disputed by anyone, just the ball played and he had quality. It’s not a coincidence, it’s quality of whoever was in the area”, said Felipão.

Last Wednesday (17), for the Copa do Brasil, Flamengo eliminated Athletico-PR, at Arena da Baixada, with a bicycle goal from forward Pedro and, now, for the Brasileirão, Henrique Almeida, from América-MG, prevented the Hurricane from getting the three points, making a great goal with a bicycle, even on the same beams that Pedro had done a few days before.

In addition to talking a lot about the team’s moment of instability, Felipão commented on Athletico’s psychological strength, his option to leave Victor Roque and Hugo Moura on the bench and also revealed that Athletico may have a “change of route” in plans for the next games.

Felipão’s responses at the post-game press conference:

What to do in instability?

“We have to examine that we had a disqualification and other results that qualified us in decisions. We are with a young team and we know that. We have a moment of instability and we will give the players the tranquility they need. I don’t think a draw at home or away from home is a bad result, if you play reasonably well. We didn’t do that in the second half, mainly, but the result for me was fair for what América did. We didn’t have the superiority to face América, so to speak , to have the possibility of victory. It remains for us to give a little tranquility to the younger players and make the players believe in their potential and work, only work makes us progress and that we manage to improve in some fundamentals.”

Pablo or Victor Roque starting?

“Pablo plays because, in my opinion, he is better than Victor Roque at the moment.”

moment of instability

“This is a team in which we play most games, there are already 20-odd games. Don’t forget that, with this team, Athletico was in last place in Libertadores, 17 for the Brazilian Championship and we started to build up. moments of instability in a team and this is a moment of instability for us, we lost a game at home to Flamengo and drew another game at home that we had the possibility of thinking about adding the three points with the victory, but we couldn’t. Today we have a number of points that leave us reasonably in a balanced situation, but we are having some inconveniences in terms of the team and that are momentary, this is normal in a team like Athletico, which was only reformulated after we arrived here. Organized, slow and there are younger players, who haven’t gone through the pressure we’re going through. There’s a detail, it’s all the games, with the exception of the Brazilian one, they’re decisions, we play all the decisions. Libertad, Str ongest, Copa do Brasil, Libertadores, so take it easy. I will take it easy with them and try to improve together with them.”

Alex Santana as a starter in the position of Hugo Moura

“We have two players with similar characteristics, Alex and Fernandinho. They are original midfielders, but we knew that we would have the possibility of playing with the ball much more times than when we played in 20 games with a fixed midfielder. or more scorers, these two players are not as good scorers because they are midfielders, and then we tried to release the ball a little more easily to our attacking players, but we have a team on the other side that knew how to score well. because we rushed when we didn’t have to rush and one or another detail that we made a mistake and America positioned himself correctly, or almost correctly most of the time and got his equalizer.”

Psychological moment of the team

“We can’t, don’t want to and won’t make this explanation that’s why we… We have our flaws and we have to know where we’re going wrong, why we’re making a mistake and in what way we have it. All of us, the whole team. Of course, it goes through technical defects and psychological aspects, it goes through that, of course, there are stronger and less strong people, so we’re trying to give a balance to this team that is not of from one day to the next, since we arrived, we have been playing a decisive game almost once a week, it gets difficult, so I don’t want to make them have that thought, we will, in a week, have one more decisive game, I need to get that out of my people’s heads and, sometimes, I notice that even the fans get impatient because of this or that, but they need to remember that, three months ago, I was in the bottom of Libertadores and in 17 in the Brazilian Championship. It had not passed in any phase of the Copa do Brasil, so these are details that we are researching and trying to improve or are talking to them so that some situation can be changed in the mental aspect and that this is improved in all of us, not only in our squad, but in the our fans and the people who are with us, that’s how a team will form, it’s not overnight and with extreme ease as some people think.”

Free week use

“I intend, together with the team, to work on many aspects aimed at the Ceará game, which we have on Saturday and which we are doing logistics to see if we can return on Saturday. I don’t think so, temperature problems here and everything else.” and we will observe who is going to Ceará and how we are going to do it. We work all week because of the Ceará game, but also because of the game against Palmeiras, on Tuesday. We need to study the best formula for go play in Ceará and then play here on equal terms against Palmeiras. That’s what we’re trying to direct this week of work with the whole team. Let’s think about the game against Ceará, which is the first, but also about the Libertadores decision , let’s see how we do it.”

How to reverse instability

“Work. That’s what we need to do (to end the instability). Psychologically, they’ll leave here and listen to the family, they’ll listen to the fans, go this and that, that’s normal, later, in the week, we will try to show them that, in this way, if the psychological influences, we will have difficulties, if not, we will continue to do what we were doing, which is to achieve goals.Our goals are well defined in Libertadores and Brasileiro. Some things are missing, we will try to detect, we are not magicians, but we will try to detect in the whole team to see if we put the team back on track or in mental superiority when we play here with the opponents.”

Planning for the next games

“As I said, we also have an important game against Ceará, let’s analyze and see the cards, which can be harmful, I don’t remember who got the card today. , if we are going to take a different team, who is more tired of the games and a series of details, mental and such, we will see that. We had planned something if we won today, we didn’t win, we still have to think if we are going to continue with that objective or if we are going to make a small change of route.”

Are you going with the delegation and the starting team to Ceará?

“This question has two answers. If I don’t go, I’m not giving value to who goes, if I keep preparing the team, it’s because I kept preparing the team, if you run, the bug catches, if you don’t run, the bug catches too. We’re going to study and see what we’re going to do. If we go, leave here five or six players who had work with A or B, if not, those who don’t also feel a little bit of doubt ‘is it worth it? worth it?’, so it’s a series of details that we need to analyze. If we won, we had a defined situation, we didn’t win, we need to think about this situation very carefully so we don’t have a problem in the future.”

On the victory at Allianz Parque for the Brazilian Championship

“It serves as a stimulus. It serves for us to show, for us to show that we have as a situation that we can and that we should do more or less what we did there, with some extra care. It serves to increase enthusiasm, so that we create something that we believe even more than what we believe in the games. That’s what that result is for, it’s not a result that works for us now, we’ll only see that in the two games.”

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