James Webb Telescope makes the largest image of the Universe to date; check out

A team of scientists from the James Webb Space Telescope has released the largest image the equipment has taken so far. It is made up of 690 individual frames, recorded with its Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam).

It covers an area of ​​the sky 8 times the size of the first depth image taken by James Webb and released to the public on July 12.

The images also have other merits: they include several ancient galaxies, never seen before, and it is possible that some are among the most distant observed to date.

The mosaic was an experiment by CEERS (Cosmic Evolution Rapid Release Scientific Research) to demonstrate how James Webb can perform extragalactic analysis even when it is running other observations.

“This is just phase 1 of our observations. We’re not even halfway through our total survey, and our data has already led us to new discoveries and an unexpected but welcome abundance of previously unseen galaxies,” tweeted the astrophysicist Rebecca Larson, member of CEERS.

The thread created by the scientist is very interesting: she individually analyzes several images and panel elements, with a lot of relevant information.

CEERS also released the images for public consultation, with the possibility of enlarging them and exploring their details even more. (Some files are really big, so it’s better to try viewing on a computer than on a mobile phone.

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