Luciano ‘discreet’ and Ferraresi’s good debut

With an eye on the duel against Flamengo for the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil, São Paulo spared some of its holders for this Sunday’s classic against Santos. With flaws in marking, mainly with a lot of freedom to Soteldo, and an attack that stopped in the inspired performance of goalkeeper João Paulo, Tricolor lost San-São by 1 to 0. in Vila Belmiro. With the result, the team led by Rogério Ceni remains distant from the G6 of the Brasileirão.

On Live do São Paulo, a program by UOL Esporte right after the Tricolor games, journalists Marcelo Hazan, Menon and Gabriel Perecini evaluated the performance of São Paulo players in the classic against Santos. Commentators highlighted the good performance of rookie Ferraresi, but regretted Luciano’s discretion.

Check out the notes for São Paulo players:


Hazan – 6.5

Perecini – A good departure from the goal and he was not to blame for the goal – 6.5


Hazan – 5

Perecini – Didn’t compromise so much – 5.5

nahuel ferraresi

Hazan – It was the best of São Paulo in the game. It stood out too much – 7

perecini – 7


Hazan – Missed the goal throw – 4.5

Perecini – Failed in the goal throw and arrived late in some throws. He left a lot to be desired- 4


Hazan – Discreet – 5

Perecini – It was slow on some balls – 5.5

Gabriel Neves

Hazan – Went down and missed some boats – 4.5

Perecini – Gives a boat that leaves spaces. He’s probably losing his spot in the starting lineup for that – 5

Igor Gomes

Hazan – Made a good table with Nikão, but Santos’ goal was serious – 5.5

Perecini – He played a positive game, but he had a key move. It was just letting go of the ball, which was bad time to decide – 4.5


Hazan – A little below – 5

Perecini – It was very bad technically – 5

Marcos Guilherme

Hazan – Not only for the goal shot, but he couldn’t help the team in the shots in which he went ahead – 4.5

Perecini – It’s not exactly his fault in the goal. Played a game below. He did not follow through with the bids and was ineffective- 5


Hazan – Little participatory and discreet – 5

Perecini – Quite off, he missed goals. Left something to be desired in participation – 5


Hazan – 5.5

Perecini – He defined the plays badly and was slow – 5


Hazan – Improved the team – 6.5

Perecini – He started well and gave more repertoire to the left side – 6.5

Pablo Maia

Hazan – It was very good for the submissions and accurate strikes – 6.5

Perecini – It was very good and dominated the midfield – 7


Hazan – 5.5

perecini – 6

Igor Vinicius

Hazan – Entered well – 6.5

Perecini – It went in well – 6.5

Nahuel Bustos

Hazan – no grade

perecini – no grade

Don’t miss out! The next edition of Live from Sao Paulo will be on Wednesday (24), right after the first leg of the Copa do Brasil semifinal against Flamengo. You can follow the program through the UOL Channel, in the app UOL Scoreon the São Paulo page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on Youtube.

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