Milton Neves wins the Brasileirão, Copa do Brasil and Libertadores

Milton Neves scores Emelec vs Atlético-MG for Libertadores today

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Always controversial, commentator Milton Neves chose the teams that will be champions of the Copa do Brasil, Brasileirão and Libertadores, and in none of these titles is Flamengo. On his twitter, Milton said that Flamengo’s arrogance will take the team out of competitions.

In the commentator’s view, Palmeiras will take the Brasileirão and Libertadores da América, while the Copa do Brasil will be won by the São Paulo team in Milton’s view.

“The superb Rubro-Negra will make him lose the Brazilian, the Copa do Brasil to São Paulo and the Libertadores to Palmeiras”, he revealed.

Milton Neves guarantees that the Brasileirão is already defined

In his column on UOL Esporte, commentator Milton Neves guaranteed that the Brasileirão is already decided and will be with the Palmeiras team, which is commanded by coach Abel Ferreira.

“Frankly, as I wrote here in the morning, I did not consider today’s great duel, between Palmeiras and Flamengo, as an “early final” of the Brazilian Championship. After all, the championship is already decided, folks.
And little would change if Verdão’s difference dropped to “only” six points. But for Flamengo, the duel was worth a lot, yes! It was worth sending a clear message to the other clubs. That today, Rubro-Negro is, in fact, the best team in Brazil”, revealed Milton Neves.

“But Dorival Júnior made, in my view, his first big mistake on his return to Fla. He entered this capital game with RESERVATIONS aiming for the semifinal of the Copa do Brasil, which will only take place on Wednesday. With all due respect to the coach, but that doesn’t exist! It was to have entered with the titleholders, thrashed and packed even more for the duel against São Paulo. Yes, I think Fla would have thrashed Palmeiras today with the holders. If you’ve almost won with the reserves… Meanwhile, Palmeiras follows in theirs, with the Brasileirão cup under their arm. And definitely no one will take her out of there this season,” he concluded.

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