New Windows Security Patch Could Block Machine Access

Patch KB5012170 may require the user to enter their BitLocker authentication key

Officially released on August 9, the latest Windows security update is causing some users to see themselves unable to access their machines after they are restarted. According to The Register website, the operating system starts asking for the BitLocker security key to release the login, something that many people may not have on hand.

In response to the situation, Microsoft released a new support page providing the necessary instructions to obtain the information. Nonetheless, the issue remains problematicespecially when affected users are in corporate environments or are using machines purchased second-hand or borrowed from others.

According to The Register’s sources, 2% of a total of 400 machines analyzed ended up being “closed out” of Windows after installing the update. So far, the problem seems to only affect those using Windows 11 and the most viable solution involves accessing Azure, a platform that is not exactly known or generally accessible.

Microsoft is already working on a solution

The security update causing problems is identified by code KB5012170 and on the page dedicated to it, Microsoft already recognizes the problem. The company claims that it is already working on an update that will ensure that the patch goes behave as expectedbut has yet to provide a date for when it will be released.

So, anyone who has no idea what BitLocker is or how to locate its security key is likely to think it’s a good idea to delay the update download a bit. Among the security fixes brought by it is the closing of holes that allowed the Execution of unauthorized code at boot of the operating system.

Windows 11 Encryption Could Damage Data, Says Microsoft

Windows 11 Encryption Could Damage Data, Says Microsoft
The company claims that a fix for the problem is now available, but it may slow down the performance of some apps.

KB5012170 situation not uncommon in the history of Windows 11, which has become known for some updates that end up bringing unexpected harm to users. In July, another security update released by Microsoft also brought problems, which involved both installation issues and damage for running apps that depended on the .NET Framework 3.5.


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