Nicola reveals mega cleaning that Atlético-MG will do in its squad

Journalist Jorge Nicola, on his YouTube channel, revealed that Atlético-MG’s board will reform the squad for the year 2023. According to him, radical changes will be made for the club to be competitive again.

Nicola informed that the defensive system will have changes. One of the defenders should leave the club, as well as Guga or Mariano should also leave, due to the possible hiring of Rodinei. Changes in midfield and attack were also expected, as was the case with Vargas’ departure.

Journalist Jaeci Carvalho, from the State of Minas, said that the players are the main culprits for the bad phase of the team. According to him, neither Turco Mohamed, a former coach, nor Cuca is to blame for the moment.

“Atletico’s problem wasn’t Turco Mohamed, it was the players. Sadly, I said: the players gave everything they could last season and they can’t do more this year. (…) I said this to Cuca. My feeling is that you shouldn’t go back. (…) Hulk, Zaracho, Nacho, Arana and co. can’t yield as much as they did last year. It’s that simple. These guys don’t make money anymore”, said Jaeci.

The journalist added. “Players don’t pay anymore. Football is cyclical folks. And they won’t yield next time. (…) Atlético runs the risk of not being in Libertadores in one of the greatest years of its history. It will be shameful. It’s the players’ fault, they’re not playing at all.”

Libertadores became an obligation

With the title chances almost non-existent, due to the difference of 14 points to Palmeiras, Atlético now treats the direct spot in Libertadores as an obligation. There are four points of difference for Corinthians, first team in the zone of direct access to the competition.

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