Oscar Roberto Godoi sees Vidal’s penalty on Gustavo Gómez

Vidal’s move with Gustavo Gómez in the last move of the match for Brazilian championship in between palm trees and Flamengo, which ended in a 1-1 draw at Allianz Parque, had repercussions on TV Gazeta’s Mesa Redonda. Former referee Oscar Roberto Godoi participated in the debate and saw a penalty kick by the Chilean over captain Alviverde.

“For me the penalty had to have been set. Vidal does not dispute the ball and goes into Gustavo Gómez’s body to take the opponent out of the play. I even think that Gómez would make the foul on the goalkeeper in the sequence, but the penalty existed ”, he said.

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For Godoi, it was comfortable for the refereeing team to end the game with the score tied.

“From the referee’s reaction, who went very well throughout the game, it was very favorable to end the match at that moment. However, in my view, the bid was not interpretive and the referee should have been called for a VAR review”, added Oscar Roberto Godoi.

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