Paysandu coach criticizes failure to check VAR on Vitória’s goal: “It’s at least too much of a coincidence” | paysandu

The goal of Leão da Barra was scored in the final minutes of the match, by Rodrigão. The bicolor commander complained a lot about a touch on Gabriel Honório’s arm, who crossed for the striker to put the ball to the back of the net.

We had a play where the ball hit the hand, the fourth referee told us to calm down, that the VAR would call. He didn’t call VAR and that’s it. This is at least too much of a coincidence.

— Márcio Fernandes, Paysandu coach

Rodrigão scores Vitória goal and Paysandu players allege irregularity in the bid

Rodrigão scores Vitória goal and Paysandu players allege irregularity in the bid

Paysandu played practically the entire match with one less. The midfielder Mikael was expelled early on, but that didn’t make the bicolor team give up the game. Márcio Fernandes commented on the athlete’s expulsion and highlighted that the team could have come out with a better result.

– It was talked about a long time ago, it’s not a new thing. We knew all this, we prepared the team all week to not be silly. We ended up facilitating his service. With five minutes we lost a player in a decisive game. It’s very worrying. Destabilizes a team and ends up losing. Even so, they had a great professional conscience, they played a great game.

We were better than Vitória, we had the ball in the game and we didn’t do it. We have nothing to complain about, because the best chance was ours. We didn’t and that in a decisive game is fatal.

— Márcio Fernandes, Paysandu coach

The “game ball” that Márcio refers to is in relation to the chance wasted by Danrlei. The striker came in in the second half and had the best opportunity of the match. He came out in front of Dalton, alone, and ended up finishing on top of the opposing goalkeeper.

– He (Danrlei) has to have personality to react and help us. We need him. Of course, in these decisive games we cannot lose these goals. Now it’s time to lift your head. We have a game against ABC and we can turn this situation around with a win.

Danrlei wastes golden opportunity for Paysandu and regrets defeat to Vitória

Danrlei wastes golden opportunity for Paysandu and regrets defeat to Vitória

+ Danrlei admits missed goal failure and focuses on Paysandu’s rehabilitation in Curuzu: “It’s a must”

Paysandu now returns to Belém, where they will face ABC. Márcio Fernandes highlighted that the team remains focused on the dispute for access and stressed that he hopes that the Boogeyman “will not be harmed” playing at Curuzu.

– Let’s go home and continue the fight. Nothing is lost, we have a team. It is what gives us confidence to continue trusting access. Unfortunately, it’s not just on the field. We have to know that and surround ourselves in the best possible ways.

We hope our fans can go there and keep doing what they’re doing. Push our team. I hope that at least inside the house we are not harmed.

— Márcio Fernandes, Paysandu coach

Paysandu loses to Vitória in Barradão — Photo: Pietro Carpi/EC Vitória

The match between Paysandu and ABC will be next Saturday, the 27th, at 5 pm, at Estádio da Curuzu, in Belém. The duel is valid for the 2nd round of Group C of the quadrangular of Serie C. The ge will broadcast the game in Real Time.

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