President reveals irregular entries and banned fan

In an interview after the tie between Grêmio and Cruzeiro, for Série B, president Romildo Bolzan Júnior revealed that there was an irregular entry of fans into the Arena and also the identification of some members of the organized who participated in the fight that caused the interruption of the match in the first half. . According to him, one of the fans who entered irregularly was banned from attending sports squares.

According to Bolzan, four fans who participated in the confusion have already been identified. Two of them were arrested. Also according to the representative, it all started with a failure in the stadium entrance system and generated a series of irregularities.

“Today it all started with a discussion about the reading of the tickets. This generated a riot and the reading was suspended. When this happened, there was the ‘burst of the cattle’. 500 fans entered without following the ticketing”, said the president.

“One of the identified [na briga] was banned from attending the stadiums. That was a marginal act. Who takes advantage of this, to jeopardize the integrity of other people… There were children and women who ended up being beaten. The responsibility of such a person is very serious,” Bolzan said.

According to the president, Grêmio continues to work on identifying everyone who participated in the confusion. They are ‘known’ fans, in the words of Bolzan, who usually frequent the stands next to the organized ones.

“We are working with the Public Ministry on a new adjustment term for biometrics. The system is entirely the responsibility of Arena [administração do estádio]”, said Bolzan.

“This type of fan has to be banned from football. It’s not a temporary exclusion, it’s banning, excluding from football. No more sporting life, clubs, stadiums, nothing. Just that. effectively harmful. He puts his and third parties’ integrity at risk, and is not worthy of attending the stadium”, he added.

The CBJD (Brazilian Sports Justice Code) provides for punishment for situations of this nature. In article 213, there is a possibility of loss of field control from one to ten games, in addition to a fine. However, Tricolor works to identify and record the facts with the security agencies to mitigate a possible judgment.

“I would not like to have a closed, silent stadium, I want movement, joy, I want a participatory and vibrant stadium. But I don’t want a fight, invasion of the field. If that happens, it has consequences”, concluded the president.

In a statement, Arena do Grêmio regretted what had happened and revealed, in addition to the fight, attacks on employees and attempted invasion.

See the note from the stadium administration

This is not football. Arena do Grêmio vehemently repudiates the acts of violence committed this afternoon. Fights between fans do not reflect the joy and happiness that ran through the Arena do Grêmio this afternoon. At the time, a small group of supporters started a riot in the sector of the north stand, attacking, including, employees of the Arena. The Military Brigade and Epavi teams were promptly called to contain the confusion and those involved were taken to the police station.

There was also an attempt to invade the Q and W gates, with attacks on the employees who were there and depredation of the railings and gates. BM and Epavi again contained the confusion. Such attitudes do not match the nature of Grêmio fans and most fans. It is necessary to fight and repudiate those who commit such acts.

Grêmio also expressed itself in a statement and repudiated the acts of violence.

Check out the club’s note:

Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense goes public to express, in a vehement way, its repudiation of the episodes of violence that took place in the North Stand of the Arena. We communicate that a police report has already been registered with Jecrim and the identifications of people involved in the fight have been forwarded.

We will continue to collaborate with the security agencies and we will take all the necessary measures so that acts like the ones this afternoon do not tarnish the history of participation and support in memorable achievements by our fans, recognized as the most faithful in Brazil.

We also emphasize that this type of behavior, practiced inconsequentially by a small portion of the public present at the Arena, can cause numerous losses, including sports.

Finally, Grêmio reinforces its commitment to order, respect and good coexistence among Grêmio members, and reaffirms that these acts, in addition to being in complete disarray with the values ​​recommended by this institution, do not collaborate in anything to fulfill of our goals throughout the season.

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