Samsung Ocean Brasil offers free technology and innovation courses

Looking to improve? Samsung Ocean Lab offers free online programming courses that can jumpstart your curriculum.

Samsung Ocean Lab is offering free online courses in programming, prototyping and artificial intelligence. Phase II of the technological training program took place from August 16 to 18 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on the project’s official platforms. Check out some important details about teaching.

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In addition, it is important to remember that Ocean Academy Talk started a new edition on the penultimate Monday, the 15th, with “The New Era of Foldable Smartphones” as its central theme. Get to know the programming of courses related to Programming with the Python language; Artificial Intelligence Trail with a focus on Data Science; Internet of Things Laboratory with Arduino; Wearables and more, on the website’s official calendar.

Samsung Ocean Lab: Phase II

Those enrolled in the program in question had free classes given by Professor Daniel Risi on content related to the basic concepts of prototyping; design processes and principles; platforms and tools; introduction to the interface; interactivity; screens; flows and much more. In all, the program had a workload of six hours and certification for participants who completed the class schedule. The third and final meeting of the grid was marked by the validation and expansion of each participant’s product.

“The main objective of the Samsung Ocean Prototyping Trail is to introduce the fundamental concepts of no-code prototyping of digital products, as a means to train participants and contribute to their development for insertion and growth in the market”, said the Senior Manager. of Samsung Research and Development Innovation, Eduardo Conejo.

Programming: phase II


  • 9h – Fullstack Journey: Backend and Database Lab with MongoDB;
  • 7pm – Prototyping Trail: No-code prototyping of digital solutions (Part 1).


  • 9 am – Programming Trail: Programming for the web with Python, CSS and HTML (Part 3);
  • 2pm – Artificial Intelligence Trail: Web Dashboard Development in StreamLit and Python;
  • 7pm – Prototyping Trail: No-code prototyping of digital solutions (Part 2).


  • 9h – Fullstack Journey: Integrating backend services in the cloud;
  • 7pm – Prototyping Trail: No-code prototyping of digital solutions (Part 3).

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