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After beating Athletico-PR 1-0 at Arena da Baixada and securing a spot in the semifinals, Flamengo knows when and against whom they will compete for a place in the final. The next opponent will be São Paulo, who passed by América-MG in the quarterfinals.

Therefore, Flamengo and São Paulo will play the first match of the confrontation next Wednesday (24), at 9:30 pm, at the Cicero Pompeu de Toledo Stadium, known as Morumbi. Subsequently, on September 14, at 9:45 pm, the decisive return game will be held at Maracanã.

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Therefore, the sale of tickets for Flamengo fans for the first match of the qualifier, in Morumbi, started at 10 am this Sunday (21). However, tickets quickly sold out. On the website, it was possible to access the place for the purchase, but then the error message appeared, because there was no ticket available.

Flamengo and São Paulo face each other for the semifinal of the Copa do Brasil shortly after Rubro-Negro goes to Morumbi and wins 2-0 with the reserve team, for the Brazilian Championship. But it was this time, the last times the teams faced each other, Flamengo has gotten the better of it.

Tickets for the return game at Maracanã

But for the return game, at Maracanã, ticket sales start next Tuesday (23), at 9 am, for Nação supporters. The cheapest ticket for the general public costs 160 reais and can be purchased on the website But once again, on the advice of the security authorities, one of the biggest benefits of the partner program cannot be used.

But fans who transferred the Maracanã Package from 2020 to 2022 already have their tickets guaranteed in their shopping cart.

Access to the stadium will be made exclusively via physical ticket, that is, the ticket card cannot be used by the club’s supporters.

So, see when, how to buy and prices for Flamengo vs São Paulo

  • Ticket sales hours
  • 08/23 (09h) – Maracanã Package / Diamond Nation / Biggest in the World
  • 08/23 (1 pm) – Platinum Nation / Most Beloved
  • 08/23 (5pm) – Gold Nation / Always With You
  • 08/24 (09h) – Silver Nation / We Play Together
  • 08/24 (1 pm) – Bronze Nation / Wherever You Are
  • 24/08 (17h) – Nação Jr. / General public online
  • 09/09 (10h) – Physical and free points of sale
  • 09/14 (21h) – Closing of online sales

But what about the values:

North (Flemish)
– Diamond: BRL 40.00
– Platinum: BRL 56.00
– Gold: BRL 56.00
– Silver: BRL 64.00
– Bronze and old plans: R$80.00
– General Public: R$160.00 (half R$80.00)

South (Flemish)
– Diamond: BRL 55.00
– Platinum: BRL 77.00
– Gold: BRL 77.00
– Silver: BRL 88.00
– Bronze and old plans: R$110.00
– General Public: BRL 220.00 (half BRL 110.00)

Upper East (Flemish)
– Diamond: R$75.00
– Platinum: BRL 105.00
– Gold: BRL 105.00
– Silver: BRL 120.00
– Bronze and old plans: R$150.00
– General Public: BRL 300.00 (half BRL 150.00)

Lower East (Flemish)
– Diamond: BRL 87.50
– Platinum: BRL 122.50
– Gold: BRL 122.50
– Silver: BRL 140.00
– Bronze and old plans: R$175.00
– General Public: BRL 350.00 (half BRL 175.00)

West (Flemish)
– Diamond: BRL 150.00
– Platinum: BRL 210.00
– Gold: BRL 210.00
– Silver: BRL 240.00
– Bronze and old plans: R$300.00
– General Public: R$600.00 (half R$300.00)

Maracanã Mais (Flamengo)
– Diamond: BRL 556.25
– Platinum: BRL 748.75
– Gold: BRL 748.75
– Silver: BRL 845.00
– Bronze and old plans: R$1037.50
– General Public: BRL 2000.00 (half BRL 1037.50)

However, ticket exchange points have not yet been informed by the club and will be announced soon. But what is confirmed is that there will be an exchange of tickets, it will not be possible to use ticket-card. So stay tuned for the hassle-free exchange on game day.

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