Srgio justifies the 2022 Cruzeiro budget that ‘didn’t match’ with recipes

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Srgio Santos Rodrigues was the interviewee of the 25th episode of Superesportes Interview

The complicated financial situation of Cruzeiro was never new to Ronaldo Fenmeno before comparing 90% of the shares of Sociedade Anima do Futebol (SAF) in January. However, the scenario could be much worse than the current one if the businessman had not taken over the club’s football and made drastic cuts in the initial planning.

“As soon as we announced the purchase of SAF, we began to dive into what was the club’s budget for the year. The first thing I found was a budget of R$90 million, with a revenue of R$60 million, which is already spent. really an account that don’t hitthe operation of a club like that doesn’t enter my mind”, said Ronaldo Poca.

in participation in 25th episode of Superesportes Interview, this Monday (22/8), Srgio explained how Raposa would do to comply with the forecast of expenses. According to the representative, it would be necessary to make layoffs during the season to readjust the club’s reality budget.

“Actually, when you talk about it, projecting what we had at that time in terms of payroll and hirings. And we were trying to solve first the hirings that were more difficult and then adjust the payroll throughout the year. That was the objective”, started.

For Srgio Rodrigues, Cruzeiro’s only alternative for not ending the year in the red would be to attract partners interested in SAF. “The solution would be to somehow attract interested people, believing in the potential that Cruzeiro would greatly value performing. Of course, especially those on the outside would bet much more,” he said.

At the time the spending plan was set up by Srgio, Cruzeiro’s football structure was composed of Alexandre Mattos (soccer director); Ricardo Rocha (technical director); Vanderlei Luxemburgo (coach); and Maurcio Copertino (technician assistant).

“I am (Paulo) Pezzolano’s number one supporter, but I believe that when he appeared, few people knew what his work was like. The name of Luxemburgo attracts a lot of things and Alexandre himself, who always manages to bring partners to clubs he went through. So, our idea was to reduce the layoffs that would be made and adjust the budget for the year with these partnerships”, he concluded.

changes in football

With Ronaldo at the helm of SAF, Cruzeiro made a major overhaul of the entire football department. The businessman announced Pedro Martins, as executive; Luiz Kriwat, manager; Pedro Costa, administrative manager; Kin Saito, female director; and Roberto Braga, base director.

In the composition of the SAF structure are Gabriel Lima (CEO); Enrico Ambrogini (Operations Director); Lnin Franco (marketing and commercial director); Raphael Vianna (CFO); Victor Rios (communication director); and Alexandre Cobra (secretary-general).

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